9 Ways to Make Your Home More Healthier

The effect of the sun is undoubtedly to make your home healthier, but what you can do can provide you with effective protection against the diseases that the modern lifestyle increases. Even small changes in your habits are very effective in turning your home into a healthier home.

Your priority should always be to limit toxic chemicals from your home. We say limiting because these chemicals are so much in our lives that it is very, very difficult to remove them completely. There are still things we can do.

Lead and pesticides lead to these toxic chemicals. Cancer, asthma, brain and nervous system damages and many different diseases can result from overexposure to these chemicals.

Let’s look at the suggestions for a healthier home with fewer chemicals.

Take control of the house dust.

House dust is the cause of many allergies. They also contain a lot more chemicals than you might think. Among them, there are many chemicals, especially lead, pesticide.

The solution is simple. First of all, if you have carpet-to-wall tapestries, it’s time to give up. Parquets, ceramics are the best alternatives. You should sweep the remaining carpets frequently, and if possible, you should pull the items and clean them to the most inaccessible places. Try to choose vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. Sweep the house at least 2 times a week and clean the broom bag after each sweep so that the dust does not spread around.

Ventilate your home often.

This step can be skipped in order not to cool the house, especially in winter. The most economical method is to open the windows reciprocally to ensure the flow of air as we call it and ventilate until you are sure that the air exchange is achieved. Smoking is also important for the air quality of the house. Everyone else, including your children, is a passive smoker in a smoking environment. Never smoke, drink inside the house, if possible, get help to quit smoking.

Has your house tested?

There is a high probability of lead in old houses, especially in houses built before 1978, doors, walls, radiators, skirting boards and frames. Do not peel the spilled paint by yourself in these houses. Get help, renew wall paint with water-based paint alternatives.

Radon gas is seen as the second cause of lung cancer after smoking. This odorless, colorless gas comes out of the soil. For this reason, floors close to the ground are more affected, but they can also be seen on the upper floors. If you have a house in the basement, garden or first floor, you can measure the radon gas level of your home. Lead and radon gas tests are performed.

Pay attention to pesticides (pesticides).

Try to protect children from pesticides that cause many problems in brain development, hyperactivity, etc. as much as possible. You can reduce this by keeping vegetables, fruits, and greens in vinegar water and trying to peel them. Try to consume organic, healthy foods as much as possible.

Watch out for plastic containers and canned food.

Bisphenol A is found in plastic containers and metal containers of canned food and has not been concluded yet about its effect on our health. For this reason, it makes sense to avoid as much as possible. Avoid using plastic in everything you heat. Tea machines, coffee machines, microwaved containers. By disrupting the structure of the hot plastic, you can separate it into its fibers and these chemicals can get into your food and drinks.

Avoid canned foods as much as possible. Prefer glass and ceramic alternatives to the plates you use in the microwave.

Limit your use of Teflon.

The non-stick of Teflon pans is ensured by a chemical called PFC. Although it has not been proven to cause disease yet, it is good to avoid them. Steel pots, copper pans, cast pans are good alternatives. Silicone containers are also heat resistant.

Wash your hands frequently.

Washing your hands frequently while at home is very important, especially during the flu season. Research has shown that antibacterial soaps are no more effective than ordinary soaps. Even being too clean is claimed to weaken the immune system. The important thing is not the brand of soap you use, but how often you wash your hands.

Use non-toxic cleaning products.

Try to use cleaning products that do not contain ammonia, phosphate, petroleum, and chlorine. You can even prepare your cleaning material with the materials at home.

Vinegar, baking soda and soda are good cleaners. You can find natural cleanser recipes online according to your needs.

Cook at home and eat healthily.

Cook healthy alternatives at home by consuming vegetables and fruits from the products in the season with the products you know, avoiding eating outside.

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