Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Luxury

How about a bathroom concept that makes you feel great? Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the bathroom of a five-star hotel, in a sparkling tub with spa music. You are very pleasant, aren’t you? The bathroom decorations of five-star hotels are always more heartwarming. Plain, tidy, and secretly showing off. In fact, you can easily adapt the hotel bathrooms that make you happy when you look at them.

Bathrooms also need to be beautified, such as a living room or a bedroom. For some reason, when we try to redecorate, we always leave the bathroom to last. However, you can decorate a wonderful bathroom where you will leave the fatigue and stress of the day behind.

Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Luxury 1

So what are the trends in bathroom decoration? You can call it a luxury detail without thinking about it. We think you deserve a bathroom decoration with a mysterious luxury that is far from ostentatious. Step by step, let’s look at the details together that will make your bathroom look luxurious.

Floor and wall tiles

Break the old tiles, pour them. It’s gonna be replaced by simpler ceramics. Don’t you think, for example, that the large grey wall ceramics look more elegant when juxtaposed with shades of white or black? Every shade of Grey will add a hidden panache to your bathroom. There is a prominent detail on the floor tiles that will show your bathroom more luxurious and will add a completely different air. We hear you say, “so what is that detail?” Motifs inspired by classic tile motifs will add an artistic feel to your bathroom. Also, if you’re tired of materials like ceramics and tiles, you can try wallpaper. You can also enjoy a luxurious look with easy-to-wipe wallpapers specially made for damp environments.


The choice of the mirror is actually one of the key points. The mirror style you choose is a kind of bathroom decoration. To create a luxurious bathroom decoration, you don’t need a leaf-framed mirror, but a mirror with more modern lines will do the trick. Gold or silver decorative mirror models have to be preferred. Rather than classic bathroom mirrors, you can include stylish mirrors. In addition, let’s not forget; mirrors add depth to space, apart from their aesthetic appearance, adding a slightly larger space appearance.

Shower Curtain

Another piece that retains its place among the luxurious details in the bathroom is the shower curtain. Shower curtains, which continue to be used from the past to the present, are one of the delightful details that will change the mood of your bathroom. For an eye-catching bathroom decoration, you may prefer smaller or even flat-colored shower curtain models rather than large patterns.

Bathroom Mat Set

The bathroom mat is indispensable bathroom accessories, regardless of the style of your bathroom. A naked bathroom decoration adds an empty and messy look to the eye. toilet sets add both harmony and elegance to your bathroom. Let your first choice for luxury bathroom decoration be harmony.

Bathroom Cabinet

Remember the five-star hotel bathrooms, pretty few items. Let’s get rid of all the things we use during the day, such as detergents, shampoos, personal care products in the bathrooms, that make it look crowded. When we say get rid of it, of course, we don’t take it from there and put it somewhere! 🙂 For this, you will need bathroom cabinets with lids, plenty of shelves. Make sure you get one of the multi-purpose bathroom cabinets that will bring order to your bathroom.

Bath towel

Free the bath towels! Flat, patterned towels that you will position by folding over the edge of the sink will add an elegant look to your bathroom. Especially if your sink counter is marble, your face towels, which offer an immediate ready-to-use appearance, will suit you very well.

Candle and room scent

The candle and the smell of the room, which you will place on your bathroom shelf, are also a must. The candle has both a romantic and luxurious appearance. Of course, your choice of candles is very important. We’re definitely not talking about those white candles we pulled out of the drawer when the power went out! 🙂 We recommend that you prefer decorative candles that emit pleasant smells in stylish bottles.

Decorative Table

We think those who can’t establish the link between the painting and the bathroom will change their mind after the visual samples we gave them. The bathroom walls certainly deserve to be decorated! Especially the decorative paintings placed behind the toilet or in front of the mirror will add an elite look to your bathroom.

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