Wall Decoration with Photos

The walls are an important aspect of room décor and hence demand good attention. Yes, you have obviously got a nice hue for them but a little décor would be great to accentuate their beauty and the glam quotient of your room overall. Amidst the wealth of wall décor ideas, a photographic highlight is certainly the most touchy & adorable. Photos evoke memories and it’s always special to relive the amazing bygone moments through the photo wall art.

Wall Decoration Ideas with Photos

Single big frame

A single big frame would be excellent for the small walls. If you are looking to distinct a focal wall in your room, get your favorite photo frame in a big framework and hang it for the optimum highlight. It could be a self-portrait or a beautiful moment between you two or the photograph of the most special person in your life or some spectacular scenic vista. A black & white portrait is always dramatic but if you have got a dark-colored wall, it’s good to have your photo artistically edited.

Grouped frames

Grouped frames would be good for the big walls. If you are looking to create a focal point in your wall, get a clustered frame- these are available in 4 groups, 6 groups & even more. Jazz up the grouped frames with your own photos or that of the most favorite people in your life. Many use the grouped frames to restore old memories with friends, creating a nice memoir on friendship.

Many single frames

Wall décor with many single frames would be excellent for the wider walls. You can either hang them in a straight horizontal pattern- but a more dramatic one would be the place them diagonally, creating an angular series. These diagonal patterns work great with walls above the staircase.

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