21 Useful Tips for Your Small Kitchen

If you are upset that you have a small kitchen, we suggest you turn the other side of the glass. Because you should know that this situation, which seems to be a disadvantage for you, has its advantages. First of all, you can easily access everything in a small kitchen. The famous “triangle rule in the kitchen” works very well for small kitchens. According to this rule; There must be an area not exceeding six meters between the stove, sink, and refrigerator. In this way, you can work comfortably and practically in your kitchen. In addition, the modification cost of the small kitchen makes a difference compared to the big kitchen.

So we mean that it’s not bad to have a small kitchen. The bad thing is to make this space useless with the wrong decoration. Let’s take a look at the tips we have compiled for small kitchens in order not to make the wrong decoration.

Identify Appropriate Lighting!

The best accessory lighting to refresh a small kitchen. If your kitchen is small but has high ceilings, you can achieve this with pendant lighting, or you can get a luminous appearance in your small and low ceiling kitchen with wall lights and cabinet lights.

Use Light Tints!

Many of you may know this tip, but it is still worth reminding. Because it is very important. Using light shades in a small kitchen decoration is indeed life-saving.

Prefer Functional Furniture!

One of the biggest troubles for a small kitchen is how the table and chair will be. The best option for you is kitchen corners. Because these corners both save you space and look quite beautiful.

Plexy furniture

The functional and stylish furniture in question is not without mentioning plexiglass. Plexiglass furniture adds freshness to your kitchen due to its bright appearance. The fact that this furniture is friendly in terms of space-saving is also a very important feature for your small kitchen.

Thin Tables and Stools

You have a small kitchen, but it is important which type it is. Because the furniture you use will change as your kitchen type changes. If you have a small type of corridor kitchen, the furniture that will be functional for you are thin tables and stools. In this way, you can use the table as a bench in the furniture you will use, and you can make your space useful by placing the stools under the table when you do not have work.

Drawer Bench

You all guess how functional the drawer counter will be. These worktops, which can be opened when you have a job or not, are one of the options that will not reduce the square meters that are valuable for small kitchens.

Table with Drawers and Pouf

The table and pouf with drawers are a useful option for corridor kitchens. You can both eat your meals in this area and use it as an extra counter when preparing meals.

Evaluate Your Walls!

You can create new areas for your belongings by placing hook hangers and shelves in the empty spaces remaining on your kitchen walls.

Take advantage of Open Shelves!

If your kitchen is small and there is no extra space in your kitchen cabinets, you can create a space for yourself with open shelves. Already, open shelves are decorative pieces that add beauty to your kitchen.

Small Cabinets for Spices

Another option that can be as useful as open shelves is small cabinets. You can store your spices in small cupboards that you will create in a way that is not much, and you can easily access them. In this way, you can create hangers for your cups and mugs by placing hangers on the bottom of the cabinets you will use.

Add Natural Touches!

We said that you will generally use light shades in your little kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you should have a simple kitchen. You can make a difference in your kitchen countertop and countertop to add movement to your small kitchen decoration. Make sure you take advantage of the power of wood and ceramics.

Prefer Cabinets Up To The Ceiling!

The fact that the cabinets up to the ceiling in the small kitchens increase the space you can use in the cabinets. By using kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling, you can place the items you will use less on the upper parts so that you can use the tools you frequently use.

Use Blanks!

If your kitchen cabinets are not up to the ceiling and you don’t want to change your kitchen cabinets, what you do is simple: use the top of your kitchen cabinets. Place wicker baskets or colored boxes in the empty spaces above your kitchen cabinets. In this way, you will add a difference to your kitchen and you will have extra storage space.

Every Gap …

You can use the top of your kitchen cabinets as well as fill every space in your kitchen with alternative methods. Your door molds will help you in this sense. With the shelf you will apply on the upper parts of the door frames, you create a new space for your belongings.

Refresh by Reflecting!

The mirror brightens and refreshes the area it enters due to its reflection feature. That’s why the mirror would be great for small kitchen decoration. Thanks to your workbench, which is an area where you can use the mirror in your kitchen, the areas in your kitchen appear larger than they are due to the reflection.

Use Kitchen Island!

With an island you will create in your kitchen, you will meet both your dining table and counter needs. While creating an island for your kitchen, you can start the half-island or full island view according to the type of your kitchen.

Shrink Your Sink!

Shrink your sink so that your area of use on your counter increases. Although there is little space to clean the dishes, it is enough for you. The important thing is to create more useful areas.

Take advantage of the Kitchen Pantry!

You can create new areas of use without making extra cupboards or shelves in your kitchen. Thanks to the portable kitchen pantry, you can create an open shelf in your kitchen.

Evaluate Your Wardrobe Doors!

Small kitchen owners! You know that everywhere is precious for you. So you should evaluate every area. You can also create new storage areas here by using shelves on the doors of your small cabinets.

Make Your Accessories Functional!

Of course, you will beautify your kitchen with accessories. But the important thing here is the useful accessories. For this, wall-mounted shelves are quite a nice option. Another object that adds both functional and beautiful appearance to your kitchen is plants. It is said that peace and comfort were spontaneous in the area where the plant entered.

Organize Your Kitchen!

Even a small kitchen has value for every square meter. That’s why you should use every area in your kitchen regularly. Taking advantage of shelves inside your cabinets for your items that do not fit in your kitchen cabinets and kitchen hangers for your cups are a few things you can do about this.

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