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Toxic Foods for Dogs – You Should not Give to Your Dog

Toxic Foods for Dogs – You Should not Give to Your Dog

Foods that are harmful to dogs are one of the most curious issues for pet owners who have dogs. No matter how nutritious some foods are for you, it can be very harmful to dogs. In order to protect the health of your dear friend, we have prepared a list of harmful foods for dogs for you.

What can’t dogs eat?

Giving Chocolate, Tea, and Coffee to Dogs

Chocolate, tea and coffee are among the foods we consume in daily life. These foods, which have taken place in human life, are very harmful foods for dogs. The theobromine contained in chocolate, caffeine in tea and coffee causes serious damage to dogs’ heart, vascular and nervous systems. Do not give this type of food to your dog, even in small quantities.

Giving Sugary Foods and Drinks to Dogs

Sugary foods and drinks can cause dental disease and diabetes in dogs. In addition, dogs consuming too many sugary foods cause blindness and serious damage to their internal organs.

Giving Milk and Dairy Products to Dogs

Lactose in milk can cause diseases such as gas, indigestion and diarrhea in dogs. The same is true for cats. To prevent such ailments, make sure that at least the milk your cat or dog consumes is lactose-free.

Giving Raw Eggs to Dogs

The Avidin enzyme in the raw egg content prevents the absorption of vitamin B7 (biotin). If your B7 vitamin is deficient, your dog’s skin and hair health deteriorate. Also, Salmonella bacteria in raw eggs can cause poisoning of dogs.

Giving Cat Food to Dogs

The nutritional values ​​of dogs and cats are different from each other. Cat food is rich in fat and protein. Therefore, feeding dogs with cat food means getting more fat and protein than they need. This causes an increase in cholesterol, which triggers the cardiovascular system, high blood pressure, liver fat, and kidney ailments in dogs. Also, when dogs eat cat food, they will not be able to get the amino acids they need.

Giving Raw Meat and Fish to Dogs

Giving dogs raw meat and raw fish may contain bacteria that can lead to food poisoning. If your friends feed on raw fish, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) deficiency is seen. Vitamin B1 deficiency can lead to epilepsy and anorexia in dogs, and serious health problems when overdo.

Giving Salami and Sausage to Dogs

Processed foods such as salami, sausages contain excess sodium, spices, protein and a number of oils. No matter how successful people are in digesting such substances, the same does not apply to our more sensitive dogs than us. Such processed foods can cause vomiting and diarrhea especially in puppies when consumed excessively. In addition, additives, chemicals, and animal fats in sausages, sausages, and salami increase the risk of cancer in dogs.

Giving Animal Fats to Dogs

When we give the leftover meals, chicken skins and fat from the meat to the dogs in the evening, they eat it with appetite, but the fat leftover from these dishes can cause serious poisoning. Therefore, do not put the fat from your table in front of your dog, ensure that your pet is fed correctly and beautifully.

Giving Liver to Dogs

When dogs consume large amounts of liver, they are exposed to a large amount of vitamin A in their bodies. Dogs cannot quickly absorb vitamin A and vitamin A poisoning occurs. However, it can cause serious problems in the dogs’ skeletal system.

Giving Bone and Fishbones to Dogs

The bones and fishbones that are smashed by your dog circulate like a glass piece in your faithful friend’s sensitive digestive system. As a result, serious problems can be seen in dogs’ esophagus and stomachs.

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