5 Tips to Read More Books

Expanding your vocabulary, learning what you don’t know, getting involved in different worlds, gaining new perspectives… I want to read more books to take advantage of the benefits of reading books, that is, to improve yourself and “How do I read more?” If you are looking for the answer to the question, you are in the right place. Now we are starting to list our suggestions on what to do to read more books.

It is essential to gain a habit of reading books

If you are not a regular reader, it can be difficult to read as many books as you think no matter how you want. In other words, you have to gain a habit of reading books. In order to have a habit of reading a book, applications such as avoiding distractions while reading a book and spending certain time periods (for example 40 minutes before bedtime) can help you. If you wish, “How to gain reading habit?” You can take a look at our article that we answered the question.

Set Your Own Goal

After gaining the habit of reading books, you will realize that your problems such as getting bored while reading books disappear over time and even when you do not read a book, there is a deficiency in your life. If you are at this stage, you are ready to read more books. Now, all you have to do is to set a reading target. Your goal can be monthly or annually.

For example, “I will read 3 books a month.” or “I will finish 30 books a year.” You might say. The important thing here is to set a goal that you can achieve so that your motivation does not fall. If you wish, you can set your destination as a page number instead of a book number. So “I will read 10,000 pages a year.” It is also possible to set a target!

In the meantime, a little suggestion: With some mobile applications, you can mark the books you read and easily track how many books you have read. This method is quite fun; we recommend you to try.

Prefer the type of books you love

You love reading thriller novels, but you are actually reading an astronomy book that will not interest you at all. In this case, you can avoid reading books, even if you are not aware of them, and you can make yourself believe that you have to deal with different jobs in your time when you are ready to read them. Therefore, it may be more difficult for you to achieve your goal of reading more books. For this reason, reading books of your favorite type will be a healthier choice.

One of the points that have a question mark in your mind is, “Should I finish every book I started?” we know that The purpose of reading a book is to take advantage of the benefits it offers, but when you unintentionally read a book, you may find it difficult to feel yourself. This situation may cause your benefit from reading a book to decrease and your motivation will be negatively affected. So stop reading books that you don’t like and don’t appeal to you.

You can leave it in half, give it to a friend you think you will be interested in or donate it to libraries. You should not forget to switch to another book right after the book you have left unfinished and try to achieve your goal!

Always Have A Book With You

While going to work or school, waiting for a friend in a cafe or sitting on the beach… You can have a convenient time to read a book when you never thought. That’s why it’s always important to carry a book with you. Moreover, you do not need to have this book in print. E-books are formats that allow you to read books easily, anywhere! You can read e-books on your smartphones or e-book readers like Kindle.

Listen to Audiobooks

Going somewhere by walking, doing sports, doing housework, taking a shower … These kinds of things actually take a certain part of our time. Well, how about spending time more efficiently by doing two things at the same time, that is, meeting with books in addition to what you do? How Does? Of course thanks to audiobooks!

Thanks to audiobook applications or video platforms, it is possible to finish more books! Moreover, you can listen to books in different genres, even languages, suitable for different age groups in audiobooks, also referred to as “talking books” or “music books”. For example, thanks to English books, you can both improve your language and travel to new worlds. You can also listen to your child with a fairy tale thanks to the audiobooks! Be sure that listening to audiobooks will meet you with more books!

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