Simple Tips for Comfortable and Quality Sleep

Sleep experts say 8 hours of sleep a day is ideal for our bodies. However, the difficulties, worries and various health problems that we experience during the day can make this 8 hours of sleep difficult for us to sleep. Quality sleep is also the key to a healthy life. Who wouldn’t want a healthy life? We listed for you what you need to have in your bedroom for quality sleep and healthy life. Here are the simple steps to get rid of the things that mess up your sleep in your bedroom and get you a good night’s sleep.

How to Get Better Quality Sleep?

Put a home plant in your bedroom

Forget all you know that flowers are harmful because they release carbon dioxide at night. With the plants you will put in your bedroom, you can improve your sleep quality and regulate your sleep.

Jasmine, with its pleasant scent, will make it easier to fall asleep and help reduce anxiety.

Aloe vera is known for cleaning toxic chemicals and spreading oxygen to the environment in which it is found. Having aloe vera in your bedroom will help you sleep well and have a positive effect on your immune system.

Lavender has a relaxing effect by reducing anxiety and stress.

Benjamin helps destroy microbes by absorbing harmful substances in the air.

Having these plants in your bedroom will enrich your decorative environment, as well as help, improve your sleep quality.

Natural light

Every person has a tendency to wake up with the sun in the morning. So there should be no light in our bedroom at night to keep the sleep cycle intact. You can create a beautiful environment for quality sleep by ensuring that your bedroom receives enough natural light during the day. In addition, Stop using any kind of electronic device 1 hour before you go to bed. Screen lights in particular easily disrupt this rhythm and lower serotonin levels. So stop using your phone or tablet in your hand 1 hour before you go to bed and read a book instead.

Get a good bed and pillow

As well as the relaxing environment, bed quality can also affect sleep. Studies show that new beds can increase sleep. In addition, poor quality beds can cause increased back pain. Choosing the right bed for healthy sleep is a must.

The best bed is a personal bed. If you are thinking of changing your bed, you should be careful to make your bed choice according to your personal preferences. Adjust your selection to your personal preference.

The second thing that is essential for quality sleep is, of course, a quality pillow. One of the things we complain about most during sleep and during the day is neck and lower back pain. The neck-backed pillow provides you with quality sleep with its feature supporting the neck and shoulder muscles, which helps eliminate the possibility of pain.

Your bed and pillow can greatly affect sleep quality and joint or back pain. Try to buy new high-quality bedding and bedding every 5-8 years. Adjust the temperature of your bedroom
Bedroom temperature can also directly affect sleep quality. Studies show that increased body and bedroom temperature can lower sleep quality and increase alertness. Quality sleep is quite difficult, especially in summer. Although it depends on your preferences and habits, the fact that the bedroom temperature is around 20°C seems to be an ideal temperature for most people.

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