Tips to Clean The Air At Home

It is very important to organize and clean your living areas. But your house may be dirty, even if you don’t realize it. Because there’s no way you can see what we’re talking about, of course, we’re talking about air pollution. Air circulation, which cannot be provided during the summer and winter months, can threaten your health, especially because windows and doors do not open so that the House does not get cold or warm. You may face respiratory diseases due to polluted air, allergic diseases, even immune system diseases due to bacteria. So, how do you clear the air in the House? Here are suggestions that will help you keep the air of your home clean and give you healthier living space.

Open The Windows Of Your Home

The smell of chemical cleaning products you use when cleaning your house, the smell of food, the reduction of oxygen… All of these can cause a heavy odor in your home, caused by a lack of air. The easiest way to clean the house air is to open the windows to the fullest! In this way, you can fill your living space with cleaner air instead of polluted air. Besides, you should not neglect to regularly clean the window culverts, which provide air circulation inside your home and are very important for safety in cases such as gas leakage.

In the meantime, you can save money by turning off coolers such as air conditioners and fans when opening windows. If you are going to open the windows to improve the quality of the air in your home during the winter months and you are using a combi boiler in this case you do not need to do anything extra. Because by the time your adjustment takes effect, you’ll have already cleaned the air out of your house.

Use range hood

The smell that spreads to your home when you cook can cause you discomfort as well as significantly lower air quality. To prevent the smell that will occur while cooking, running the hood is the best solution you can do.

Don’t Forget To Clean Your House Frequently

If you do not clean your home regularly, your home gets dusty and this can lead to reduced air quality and may lead to allergic diseases. So there is a direct link between house cleaning and air quality. For this reason, you should never disrupt your household cleaning, sweep, and dusting operations on a regular basis. In addition, if you pay attention to some points when cleaning your house air cleaning can say that you can be more successful.

Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are more successful at trapping the dust they pull. For this reason, we recommend using a HEPA filter vacuum cleaners.

Chemical cleaning products reduce the air quality of your home. If you get help from natural solutions and clean your house, you can overcome this problem.

Carpets hold a lot of dust and this directly affects air quality. You can opt for antibacterial carpets in your home. Another solution would be to choose washable rugs instead of carpets.

This means that you need to do special cleaning if you have someone in your home who is allergic to dust.

Also, you should remember that your pets ‘ feathers and skin rashes can also reduce the quality of the air.

Turn on the air conditioner and air conditioner.

No doubt the most effective products for cleaning up dirty air in your home are air purifiers and air conditioners. If your air conditioner has an air-cleaning mode, you can clean the air of your home without opening windows using this feature. If you do not have air conditioning, or if the air conditioning you have is not available, you can buy an air-cleaning device and get fresh air in your home.

Air Purifying Home plants

Plants that give your home a natural look and peace of mind also play an important role in cleaning up the House’s air. Plants such as Aloe vera, ribbon flower, wall creeper, philodendron, chrysanthemum take on important tasks in cleaning the air of the house. But if you have a small child or pet, we recommend that you do not opt for these plants to clean the house air. Because most of the plants we recommend are unfortunately plants may be harmful to them.

Finally, smoking is harmful to your health as well as a negative impact on the air quality of your home should be underlined. Please do not smoke in the indoor areas of your home.

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