12 Tips to Add Elegance to Your Home

The colors called thick color pigment with high brightness and saturation. Primary colors and secondary colors in the color scale are generally among the thick color groups. It is also possible to see the reflections of precious stones in nature in these tones. Designs inspired by the colors of emerald, ruby ​​, and amethyst look quite bold and eye-catching. These daring shades are generally used in the form of accent colors.

Even if you like a simple decoration, you need thick colors at least somewhere in your home. Otherwise, you will encounter a boring house. We think we have agreed to use bold colors. So let’s take a look at where and how you can use it.

Start With Small Pieces!

12 Tips to Add Elegance to Your Home 2

If you are confused about using strong colors in your home, start with small pieces first. The emphasis on strong colors in small pieces adds movement to the room. For this, colored pillows may be one of your first options.

Attention Pouf

12 Tips to Add Elegance to Your Home 3

Another option for matching strong colors and small objects is a bright-colored pouf. The colored pouf that will accompany the sideboard in your hallway or the tall mirror will be one of the first details that will attract the attention of those who come to your home.

Artistic Color Mix

12 Tips to Add Elegance to Your Home 4

We continue to create emphasis in small areas. Your next option is your tables. The paintings you will use in your decoration add an artistic touch to your home. The effect of a painting adorned with strong colors is tremendous. It adds movement to a simple environment and creates an eye-catching elegance.

Highlight Lighting

Another area you can use for big effects with small touches is your lighting. Strong colored lighting brings vitality to your decoration, which is dominated by plain tones.

Increase Impact!

12 Tips to Add Elegance to Your Home 5

If you have tested the effect of strong colors in small areas, it’s time to increase the effect a little more. This is your first choice. The strong colored carpet to be used in an environment dominated by neutral tones adds movement to simplicity and makes the house more lively.

Stand Out A Little More!

12 Tips to Add Elegance to Your Home 6

Now it’s time to use it on furniture. When choosing furniture for your home, you will find many choices of neutral and strong contrasts. With contrast views, you highlight both contrasting colors. Because it emphasizes neutral strength and strong neutral. Therefore, by choosing furniture in this way, you achieve both calm and prominent views.

It’s Time to Rise!

12 Tips to Add Elegance to Your Home 7

You should now benefit more from the brightness and remarkable effects of strong colors. For this, your walls look empty. The walls decorated with thick colored paint or wallpapers turn into the attraction of the house. These spaces ensure a pleasant atmosphere while saving your home from mediocrity. While placing strong tones on your walls, turning towards a single wall instead of making all the walls creates better results.

Strong Colors Compatible with Each Other

Red and Green

Red and green are strong colors that match each other. Joyful and daring looks are created in an environment where these colors enter. When using these two colors in your home, you should add a neutral tone as the third color. Otherwise, you will create a tiring decoration.

Red and Yellow

Red and yellow are also strong colors that match each other. When using these two tones together, instead of using the two in equal intensity, it gives better results if you place one in less space. Of course, you should not forget that you need a third neutral tone. If you don’t include neutral tones while using strong colors, you will prevent them from coming forward. Do not forget! Something needs the opposite to be visible.

Orange and Blue

Do you want an area where you can spend time with joy and joy? So let’s take you to try the orange and blue harmony. Orange has an intense energy character. You know blue too, the color of calm energy. When you use these two powerful tones together, there is no obstacle in front of you to get the living environments you want.

Orange and Purple

There is high-energy attention-grabbing harmony in orange and purple. Purple is mysterious and dramatic colors. The orange color stands out by equipping the mystery of purple with vivacious energy. While taking advantage of these two shades, you can create more cheerful environments by giving orange more space than purple.

Purple and Yellow Harmony

You can feel the energy you will create in the harmony of purple and yellow, just like orange and purple. Because yellow is from warm colors like orange. Do not forget to include neutral tones in the harmony of yellow and purple color.

Blue and Green

One is the primary color and the other is the secondary color. An animated elegance appears in environments where blue and green are used together. You can use these colors, which are the antidotes of boring environments, with both neutral tones and a third strong tone.

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