4 Tips to Start Working Freelance

If you sometimes think that you work too much time, if you want to realize your dreams like exploring the world, or if you do not have a complaint about full-time work but want to increase your income by doing additional jobs, you are at the right place.

Working freelance is the solution to all these situations. So, what is freelance work? What are the tips that can help those who say I want to work freelance? Don’t worry, in this post, we will give you tips that will contribute to the decision you give.

What is Freelance?

Working freelance means working without being connected to a business. These people, who work by choosing their own working hours and customers, are called “freelancers”. Freelance employees can work at home or use cafes or co-working spaces if they wish, after being in contact with an office after contacting the person or institutions they will serve and reaching an agreement.

What are the Advantages of Freelance Work?

You can set the working hours for you.

You won’t waste time on the road to reach the workplace and home after work.

You can arrange your workspace as you wish and enjoy working at home or anywhere.

You can decide the jobs you will take, that is, you may not work on a project you do not want.

What are the Disadvantages of Freelance Work?

Lack of certain working hours may cause you to have difficulty in planning.

If you are easily distracted, you may have difficulty working efficiently in your home or study area.

Some of the people you serve may receive your payment late and therefore have difficulty in budget planning.

Let’s list the 4 tips that will help you overcome the disadvantages of working freelance (or home office if you are working from home).

Tips for Becoming Freelancer

1. Strengthen Your Communication Network

You may be doing your job properly and successfully implement the projects you are involved in, but if nobody knows you, unfortunately, your success in your business may not help you get freelance jobs. For this reason, you should meet new names from the sector you serve, and convey that you provide freelance services.

In order to strengthen your communication network, you can participate in the activities of the industry you serve, and you can tell companies that you have worked full-time in the past, that you can now work freelance and recommend you if necessary.

2.Take advantage of the power of the internet

Yes, thanks to the suggestions, you can increase the rate of the works you are working on, but you should not forget that the internet is very important in producing solutions that will meet the needs. If you want to work as a freelancer. If you think you should take advantage of internet channels at this point, you should not leave your business to chance. What can you do? Let us explain.

First, start by updating your LinkedIn profile, a platform used by many professionals. If you organize your title as “freelance writer, freelance designer, freelance accountant” and activate the “Open to job offers” feature in your profile, you can help professionals who need support find you more easily.

If you have a profession in which you can present a portfolio, prepare an online file containing the projects you have been involved in in the past. Presenting your portfolio can make you different, making it easier for people who need your service to make decisions about you. In the meantime, don’t forget to share the link to your portfolio on LinkedIn.

Use social media platforms other than LinkedIn efficiently. For example, you can open a special page for you on Facebook and share the news from the industry. In the meantime, creating a unique website is definitely a good idea. The website will be very useful for you to display your professional stance. If you wish, you can also place your portfolio on your website.

Subscribe to sites that bring freelance people together with formations looking for freelancers. In this way, you can find opportunities to work with both local and global companies and expand your portfolio.

3. Organize Your Workspace

We have mentioned that Freelance workspaces can be quite free and you can determine the point you will work according to your wish. This situation, which is seen as an advantage for most people, can become a disadvantage if your work area is not regular. Because the area you work in must be regular so that it does not distract you. In other words, your working room or the point where you work must be regular at all times.

As a solution to the mess on your desk, you can get help from desktop organizers.

You should be careful not to place the products that you do not need on and around the work table.

Positioning your work table in a place with sunshine is one of the tricks of creating an efficient work area.

You should not forget that the colors you place in the study room are also very important. Intensive use of vibrant colors such as yellow, red, and pink can cause distractions. Colors such as black, dark gray, dark purple may cause you to create a boring area. For this reason, you should make sure that the colors you prefer are combined in a balanced way. You can get help from colors such as cream color, light gray, light brown, and make the area lively with colors such as yellow, orange (if not used much).

It is also very important that the desk and chair are comfortable. You should pay attention to the size of the table you choose to be large enough to meet your needs and to make the chair you prefer comfortable and adjustable. When you sit down, the table should remain between your rib cage and waist. You can get help from waist pillows to make your chair more comfortable.

If you are working in an area outside the home, you should choose areas where the sound level is not too high, and the factors that will distract you are minimal.

4. Create Your Business Plan

If you are working freelance, you don’t have to go to the office and fill a certain working hour, yes. But when you do not make the necessary planning, this may come up as a negative situation. Therefore, you should schedule and create your own working hours. It is extremely important to make and implement this planning so that your business does not hitch and catch up on time.

We wish you to realize the way you work and your career as soon as possible.

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