Tips for Installing a Wall Pot Rack

Do you have to install your wall pot rack and you are on the lookout of the installation tips? Well, the post below discusses some vital tips on how to fix your wall pot rack with your wall.
First and foremost you have to choose the specific wall area to install the wall pot rack. Now, use your stud finder for locating wood studs or wall joists in the selected wall & lightly mark the locations with pencil. Don’t forget to gauge the distance in between mounting holes of the rack and that of the studs. If the space in between mounting holes & studs is same, the rack can be hanged easily.

Now, get the wood screws provided with the pot rack and use power drill for creating holes to insert the screws. Then, lift up the rack & position its mounting hole on the holes created on your wall. Fix the screws through them and tighten it.

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