Things to Consider When Buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

While you care about cleanliness, we know that sometimes wiping your living space is overwhelming and sometimes it’s hard to find time for it. Robot vacuum cleaners, the popular assistants of recent years, eliminate such troubles from your life. For this reason, you are planning to buy a robot vacuum cleaner but if you do not know what to pay attention to when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, you are in the right place.

Let’s examine the robot vacuum cleaner types.

Decide Between Types Of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Laser System (Lidar) Robot Vacuum Cleaners

The vacuum has a small protrusion that transmits the laser beam and detects the reflected beam. With these smart vacuums, you can map and clean your home successfully. Moreover, with the help of applications, you can determine the prohibited areas and ensure that these selected areas are not cleaned.

This vacuum model can be suitable for living areas where the bottom gaps of furniture are more than 10 cm, as the protruding section will extend the length of the vacuum. In addition, it will be appropriate to be preferred in areas larger than 100 m².

Robot Vacuum Cleaners with Camera

They are robot vacuum cleaners that have a camera on the top and create maps according to what they see. Mapping success is less than laser devices. To successfully map an area it needs to be run several times.

Since there is no protruding area at the top, it can enter areas with less height. If your under furniture spaces are 8 cm and above, you can choose this vacuum. This model can also be a suitable choice for areas larger than 100 m².

Robot Vacuum Cleaners without Laser and Camera

They are vacuums that clean the area by hitting the areas such as walls and furniture thanks to the sensitive bumper on the front without a camera and laser. Some have a mapping feature. Since there is no camera or laser use in devices with a mapping feature, the device can detect the map as if it is moving when placed anywhere.

Laser and camera-free vacuum cleaners can be purchased at more affordable prices than other options. This type can be preferred especially for small houses/areas.

Examine Suction Power

As with normal vacuum cleaners, the success of collecting dust on hard floors and carpets with robot vacuum cleaner models may differ from device to device. To get the best results in house cleaning, you should compare the power of attraction between smart vacuum cleaner models. By the way, some newer models have the ability to switch the suction power level between carpet and hard floor. This is a feature that can increase the success of field cleaning.

Mop Feature

If you want to make your life more practical, check if the smart vacuum you want to buy has a mop feature. In this way, the smart robot vacuum cleaner can both sweep and wipe.

Pay attention to features that offer ease of use

If you are looking for a smart vacuum cleaner that offers practical use, you should make sure it has some features. Here are these features:

Wi-Fi Connection

You can control the Wi-Fi-connected robot vacuum cleaners with the help of apps without leaving your place. If you are going to buy a robot vacuum cleaner without Wi-Fi due to your budget, you should make sure that the device is remote controlled.

Mapping Feature

Smart vacuum cleaners that map and clean your home accordingly can provide a greater advantage in terms of time and practicality than devices without a map. Also, in some robot vacuum cleaner models, you can define virtual walls, prohibited areas (bathrooms, stairs, etc.) on maps and ensure that the vacuum cleaner does not enter the areas.

Note: If you have a duplex house, we recommend that you choose products that can map and save multiple areas in memory.

Return to Charge Unit Feature

Most smart vacuum cleaners can go to automatic charging and recharge when their batteries are low; however, this feature is not available in some older vacuum cleaner models.

Resume Feature

As the charge decreases during cleaning, some vacuum cleaners that go to the charging unit continue where they left off thanks to the “resume where it left off” feature. This ensures both energy savings and faster cleaning of the area.

Timing Feature

With this feature on products with a Wi-Fi connection, you can select the time interval to operate the vacuum cleaner. So even when you’re not home It is possible for your vacuum to work.

Software Update Feature

This feature in smart devices is also available in robot vacuum cleaners. Thanks to the software update feature, cleaning can be done as the latest updates allow.

Choose by Number of Brushes

There are products with one brush and two front brushes on the market. Dual-brush products can be more successful at cleaning floor materials. Roller brushes in the middle of the broom can be one or two. Dual roller brushes can be chosen for a successful cleaning experience.

Review Battery Life

Of course, it is important that the vacuum lasts longer. When comparing robot vacuum cleaner brands and models, you should not forget to examine the battery life, and take care to choose the battery life according to the size of the area.

Pay attention to the low sound level

The sound level indicated in decibels (dB) is of course very important for you to operate your vacuum cleaner whenever you want. Although 65 dB is considered an ideal sound level for vacuum cleaners, you can also choose products with lower decibels.

Prefer HEPA Filtered Products

The HEPA filter feature, which you pay attention to in vacuum cleaners and rechargeable vacuum cleaners, is also an important criterion for smart vacuum cleaners. By purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, you can prevent the dust drawn from getting back into the air during cleaning.

Water Tank and Dustbin Cha

An intelligent robot vacuum cleaner with a high dust and water reservoir can efficiently clean a larger area. Generally, brooms with dust and water reservoirs at the rear offer more capacity than the ones whose reservoirs are above.

After Sales Support

This is one of the things you should be most careful about when reviewing robot vacuum cleaner recommendations and making a purchase! Whether the product has a warranty, technical service network, easy availability of spare parts are among the things you should definitely consider while making your decision.

What features should good robot vacuum cleaners have, we shared. Now it’s time to make your life more practical thanks to a smart broom.

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