13 Cool Teen Room Decorating Ideas

A teenager’s room is not just an ordinary bedroom used for sleeping. Teen rooms are spaces where young people study, play, rest, read, watch, hang out with their friends, and have many functions. Also, finding a middle ground with young people who want to have a say in the design of their rooms can be a bit difficult. At this point, we are here with some very creative ideas that you can collaborate with without suppressing your child’s personality. In this article, we shared cool and modern teen room designs that young people will love, and young room decoration ideas for a functional teen room.

Ideas for Teen Room Decor

Prefer a Double Bed

It’s time to honor the teenagers who have entered adulthood with a new big bed. If you have a large enough room, you should definitely switch to a double bed. Teen bedroom bed models generally have the dimensions of 90 * 200, 100 * 200 or 120 * 200. Our recommendation is that if you have enough space, you should choose a minimum of 120 * 200 beds. Young people love to spend time in bed and a large bed provides comfort and makes children feel more mature.

More and More Storage Space

With their books, clothes, hobbies, and active lives, young people’s rooms tend to untidy. Therefore, one of the sine qua noncriteria for teen rooms is having plenty of storage space. If you are going to buy a youth room set from scratch, make sure it has enough drawers, shelves, and closets. Choose a teen room bed with storage or use under bed storage boxes. Add bedside tables, dressers, and wall shelves according to the size of the room. In short, try to organize all the spaces in the room to encourage your child to tidy up their room in a fun and practical way.

Let Them Reflect Their Personality

We came to the most critical issue in young room ideas. Should the teen room decoration be done by the parents or by the young person? For parents of some teenagers with assertive tastes, the design decision process can be challenging. However, we still prefer young people to decorate their rooms to reflect their passions. After all, that’s their right to decorate the room and the way they want.

Since adolescence is the process of creating their characters, their tastes will constantly change. In this process, instead of suppressing your child’s personality, you can find a middle ground by making a design that is open to change. For example, instead of painting entire walls, you can paint a single wall, and instead of hanging paintings and posters, you can use shelves and boards.

Create a Cool Workspace

The working environment is very important for young people who are preparing for university and are at the most critical point of the education process. You should organize a work area that is not distracting but also attractive for your child. To avoid clutter, opt for a teen desk model with plenty of drawers or closed cabinets. If possible, place the desk near the window and away from the bed. Also, use light-colored furniture and accessories that are not distracting.

Make a Rest Corner

Modern teen room designs often include a private and interesting relaxation corner. As we said, young people prefer to spend time in their rooms. Therefore, it is a good idea to design a special resting corner for your child who has to constantly sit in the bed or on the study chair. This way, they have an area to distract and hang out with their friends between lessons.

You can have an extra guest bed by purchasing a large sofa to decorate a spacious teen room. You can save space with hanging chairs for small teen room decoration. If you don’t have any space, you can use a tiny pouf or cushion.

Use Replaceable Wall Accessories

Walls of a teenager’s room best reflect the transition from adolescence to adulthood. In this transition from posters to paintings, the color of the walls and wall accessories are constantly changing. It would be wise to create easily changeable surfaces in this process where the character and tastes of young people change and develop. You can use table shelves, boards, or grid boards for this. So you don’t have to drill the wall every time for a wall decoration change. Besides, your child will have a versatile wall that they can change and arrange according to their interests.

Don’t Forget Your Overnight Guests

As a way of keeping your child at home, how about designing a room in which to spend time with their friends? Moreover, you can buy a bed with a trundle bed and let it host its own boarding guests.

Maximize Space

Are you looking for teen room ideas for small rooms? Small teen room designs often require more efficient use of space vertically. Using a bunk bed for two-person rooms or placing the bed up and using the bottom as a desk or wardrobe can be examples of vertical use. All teen rooms, small or large, require a good space organization because they contain so many functions.

Showcase Their Hobbies

The walls in his rooms reflect the passions and characters of the young people. You can collaborate and use this to decorate a cool teen room. Analyze your child’s hobbies, characters, and passions well, and design walls that will inspire them in their room.

Keep Comfort First

Choose comfortable and comfortable furniture for the decoration of the young room. Make sure the bedding and fabrics you choose are in hues and textures that give a comfortable and cozy feel. You can create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere by using light and neutral tones as possible.

Bohemian Teen Room

The bohemian decoration style is an ideal choice for young room decoration with its energetic atmosphere and comfortable and free appearance. Most teenagers love the bohemian lifestyle. It is one of the most preferred decoration styles, especially for young girls’ room decoration. You can decorate a fun young room with bedspreads, cushions, curtains, and rugs with rich colors and textures.

White Teen Room

If you find the bohemian decoration style too colorful and complex, if you think it does not reflect your child’s taste, if you are looking for a more sophisticated and minimalist design, you can rely on white. White teen room designs are modern and timeless. Also, the white color makes the room look bigger and brighter than it is. If your child has a neat and tidy character and you like modern designs, the white teen room decoration is just for you.

Black Teen Room

We came to the preference of the rebellious and free-spirited youth, and the nightmare of the parents to black. Jet black walls are often seen as a risky choice that can be regretted later. In fact, a very stylish room decoration can be achieved when combined with white and adding a little color. There are even many examples of black and white youth rooms. In other words, it is not a color to be afraid of when used in a dose of black.

For example, you can paint a certain part of the walls black instead of all the walls. You can maintain the balance by using white furniture and duvet covers with black and white geometric patterns, pillows, and accessories. If you have decided to design a black teen room, make sure you use extra lighting elements such as LED spots and table lamps.

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