7 Decorating Ideas for Studio Apartments

Studio Apartment is the most preferred type of apartment for students, those who live alone, or those who love to live in small spaces. The studio apartment type lounge offers a useful living space by offering the bedroom and kitchen, that is, the sections you need in an apartment, in a room of the house.

So now let’s ask another question whose answer can offer you a more stylish home. How to furnish a studio apartment? Here in this post, we give suggestions for those who live in the studio or want to live. Let’s start explaining how to make studio apartment decorations.

How to decorate a studio apartment?

Large Items Not Suitable for Studio Apartments

You may have noticed that if you have looked at examples of studio apartment decoration before. In the studio apartments, the furniture is smaller in size and therefore takes up less space. This preference saves space and allows you to have a wider area. For example, you can choose modern sofas with minimal design than large sofas with a classic design.

Determine Which Room Is Where

“There is already only one room. :)” we seem to hear what you say. You are right, but we are right too. Because you need to separate the areas where you sleep, sit or eat, and for this, there is no need for a brick wall.

You can take advantage of your library, large plants, or even wooden fences used in gardens to separate the areas. If you wish, you can separate the areas by painting the walls in different colors. But if you ask us, getting help from glass walls, which has been the popular choice of recent years to divide areas and does not adversely affect the integrity of the room.

Take advantage of the wall color

If your space is limited and you will create different parts of the house in this area. No matter how little furniture you use, your home may look narrow and crowded. It is possible to overcome this situation, which is seen as a disadvantage of studio apartments, with a simple application.

Of course, light-colored wall paints will help you. Beige, white or light pastel shades reflect the light, making your home look more spacious so you can enjoy a more spacious space.

Leave space between furniture and wall

When you place the furniture in small areas, what kind of application do you make to make the room look wider? Yes, we can imagine that many people will place the furniture next to the wall. But did you know that this actually makes the area narrower?

Although it is thought that placing the furniture fully next to the wall saves space, we can say that this is actually a decoration error. Because leaning the furniture against the wall can cause the area to look narrow. For this reason, in the studio apartment decorating, you should position your furniture such as sofa set and bookcase without leaning against the wall.

Multifunctional Furniture for Studio Apartments

Furniture that combines a bed, desk, and cabinet, a coffee table that offers you extra storage space. Using this furniture with multiple functions is a must for studio apartment decoration. Moreover, it becomes easier to decorate your house in a stylish way by choosing these extremely useful products.

Choosing Curtain and Carpet is as Important as Furniture

You have considered our suggestions when choosing studio apartment furniture, but the carpet or curtain you choose may cause the effect you want to create to disappear. So, what should you consider when choosing carpets and curtains for the studio apartment? Let’s say immediately. Long curtains are not suitable for your apartment. On carpets, you should choose patterns that are patternless, light-colored, and small in size as possible. Roller blinds with a more modern structure and thin, rug-shaped carpets are just for the atmosphere of your home.

Your Minimalist Decoration

You have noticed that in the studio apartment design, the items that are not needed in the living area are not included, functional furniture is used and simplicity is at the forefront. This means that you can decorate your studio apartment in style by adopting minimalist decoration.

Thanks to the decoration suggestions we provide, you can create a living space that looks more useful and more spacious. Well, what can you do if your studio is too small and you want to make this space bigger than it is? Here are the studio apartment decorating ideas you can do.

  1. Light colors can make the area look wider as they can reflect light. For this reason, choose light-colored furniture in areas such as the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. You can get help from products such as paintings, decorative throw pillows, and trinkets to create contrast in the area.
  2. Mirrors can help make your home look wider as they reflect light and image. By hanging decorative mirrors on your walls, you can both make a stylish design for home decoration and show your living space wider.
  3. Lighting is also important to make your living space wider. In addition to ceiling lighting, you can illuminate the area in a healthy way by getting help from local lighting products such as floor lamps and wall lights.

Well, studio apartment decoration is that easy.

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