How to Tell if Milk is Bad?

Milk, which does not end with counting benefits for human health, is a protein and mineral source food consumed by many people. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the date has not passed while consuming milk, which is used especially in milk desserts and meals. If milk spoils, it is very dangerous and can harm the drinker.

How to detect spoiled milk?

Milk is a food with a very short lifespan. The deterioration of milk is the process of decreasing and ending the sugar of milk with the consumption of the sugar of the milk by the microorganisms in it. Although the life of milk can be extended by purifying it from microorganisms by applying heat treatments, milk deteriorates in a shorter time when it comes into contact with air and is not stored under appropriate conditions. For healthy milk consumption, it is important to understand that milk is spoiled. You can check the consistency, smell, color, and taste of the milk to see if it is spoiled.

Its Consistency

Milk is a runny liquid. The consistency of the milk that begins to deteriorate becomes denser. It can even be seen that milk that has been kept for a long time in a spoiled state turns into yogurt. In addition, when spoiled milk is cooked on low heat, it sinks to the bottom or makes lumps.

Its Smell

Smelling is one of the most effective ways to detect whether the milk has spoiled. The smell of spoiled milk changes and it smells bad. The smell is a sour smell.

Its Color

The milk, which is white in color, starts to turn yellow as it starts to deteriorate. As the waiting time increases during the deterioration process, the milk starts to turn into bluish and reddish colors. In addition, foams begin to form on the milk.

Its taste

With the deterioration of milk, it starts to taste sour or bitter.

You can evaluate the milk by transforming it in stages of deterioration without wasting it.

Stay healthy.

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