13 Awesome Small Bathroom Ideas

Inspiring small bathroom ideas and designs. Creative decoration suggestions for small bathrooms. Stylish and modern small bathroom designs. Solution suggestions that will make your bathroom much wider than it is.

Are you ready to transform a tiny bathroom into a useful and stylish space? With a few simple changes, you can have a more useful and spacious bathroom than before. In this article, we shared small bathroom furniture selections, storage solutions, and some design tricks that will save you space. After following the suggestions below, we guarantee that your bathroom will be your favorite room in your home. Here are the cleverly made small bathroom designs and decoration ideas.

How to decorate a small bathroom?

Prefer Round Designs

When choosing furniture and bath wares for small bathroom design, prefer round-line models instead of square and geometric lines. Thus, both your movement in the narrow space is easier and it looks wider than your bathroom.

Benefit from the Refreshing Effect of White

The most popular method that makes a space more spacious than it is is to use light colors. This method is also valid for small bathrooms. You can get a very spacious bathroom by making a white bathroom decoration. Moreover, your bathroom is very easy with ceramic and vitrified bath wares where you can find a thousand varieties of white.

Eliminate Borders with Frameless Shower Cabin

Frameless shower glasses eliminate the visual boundary in a small bathroom. The transparent glass should be preferred if possible since patterned or frosted shower glasses will create a wall effect. In this way, you will not feel stuck in a narrow area while taking a shower and your bathroom will not be visually divided. Using the same tile models with the rest of the bathroom on the floor and wall in the shower cabin will further increase this effect.

If you wish, you can add character to the bathroom decoration by using a colored but transparent glass as in the example below. This simple method will come in handy, especially if you find a bathroom where everything is white is boring and clinical.


Have a Minimalist and Simple Design Priority

Whatever your style, the most important thing to consider when making small bathroom decorations should be to make a modern and minimalist design as much as possible. For this, avoid unnecessary details and exaggerated things. And keep your bathroom accessories organized. For example, you can store your makeup and personal care items or spare towels outside the bathroom. So instead of a large bathroom cabinet, you can use a simple basin bathroom counter or monoblock hanging basin.

Reflective surfaces such as a frameless flat mirror model, clear shower glass, and large-scale glossy ceramic tiles are among the other small bathroom decorating ideas. In addition, soft and natural color tones and modern bathroom furniture with clean lines will make your bathroom look much larger than it is.

Prefer Wall Mounted Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets mounted on the wall make the bathroom look wide since it does not take up space on the floor. It also has a more modern and light look. You can easily find the most suitable size and models for your bathroom among the hanging bathroom cabinets which are very useful for small bathroom designs.

Use a Monochromatic Color Palette

For small bathroom decoration, choose a color palette, monochromatic, that is, consisting of different shades of a single color. Choose a pastel color and stick to this color in key details such as furniture and ceramics. With the bathroom accessories you will use, you can add other colors, patterns, and textures on the main color. Or you can design a stylish black and white bathroom with black grouting between white tiles as above.

Take advantage of the Magic Effect of Tiles

Tiles used on the surfaces in the bathroom are the most influencing factor on size perception. For this reason, the most important consideration for small bathroom designs is the selection of tiles. When deciding on the tile and ceramic pattern for a small bathroom, patterns that do not have junction lines such as marble and complement each other when they come side by side should be preferred.

Another important point is the use of the same patterned tile on the bathroom floor and walls. Thus, the start and end lines of the tiles blend together and it will look like a single surface. This allows us to perceive a small bathroom much wider than it is.

Draw All Attentions to the Wallpaper

The best way to hide a small bathroom is to draw attention in another direction. For this you can use stunning wallpaper in your bathroom. If you think that the wallpapers we are not used to seeing in the bathroom are useless for wet places, special wallpapers are sold for humid and warm environments. You can also draw attention from the size of the bathroom to its ambitious design with a quality wallpaper that reflects your style. Do not forget to choose a unique, interesting, and bold pattern for this.

Portable and Functional Storage Solutions

Portable and multifunctional furniture is a must for small spaces. Unlike fixed bathroom cabinets, you can carry your bathroom items to any place at any time with independent storage solutions. Baskets and stools are very useful for small bathroom arrangement. You can store your bathroom care and cosmetics regularly with a multi-layer portable basket as below. So when you want to expand the space or when the bathroom is full, you can move the items you don’t use to your bedroom. This type of portable, lightweight, and wheeled organizers are ideal for small bathroom arrangement.

Evaluate the Ceiling Height to the End

It is very important to use the ceiling height at a maximum when making small bathroom designs. The higher the bathroom cabinets, tall mirror, and shower glass height, the more you will glance. Thus, the bathroom ceiling looks higher than it is. This method is very effective especially for bathrooms with a narrow and low ceiling.

Remove Shower Tray and Make Shower Room

You can also use a shower cabin in your bathroom without shower trays. In other words, you can make a ‘shower room’. Thinking what’s the use of using a small shower tray? Namely, the size of the shower tray is standard, it will further limit your already small space. It also makes the bathroom smaller because it divides the floor covering. Instead, you can make a larger, convenient, and modern small bathroom design by closing the area of ​​the size you want in the bathroom with frameless shower glass.

Decorate with Stylish Accessories

Bathroom renovation is a very expensive job. If you do not have the budget to replenish the entire bathroom, you can also do wonders for small bathroom design using accessories. Start by choosing a theme that reflects your taste. Then purchase lighting, mirrors, small bathroom accessories, and bathroom textiles that match your chosen style.


If you have a classic style, you can add unique touches to your bathroom with the accessories you can buy from the antique store. The metal sink, old wall mosaics and colorful flowers placed on the vintage console above look quite inspiring. And the writing template on the wall below (metal wall accessories can also be used instead) is a great idea to take the gaze up!

Benefit from Mirrors

It’s time for another one of the most popular methods among small bathroom ideas. The mirrors reflect the light in the bathrooms, as in all other small rooms, making the space much larger than it is. To do this, you can hang a giant mirror on the wall or make your bathroom two times larger with mirror wall tiles. Or you can do both, it’s up to you.

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