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How to Sleep on a Plane? 9 Tips

How to Sleep on a Plane? 9 Tips

How to Sleep on a Plane? 9 Tips 1

Although it is not easy to sleep during plane journeys, you can manage to sleep by following some small suggestions. In order not to spend long flights sleepless, you can keep up with simple recommendations and you can both sleep and have a pleasant flight. Here are the recommendations to sleep comfortably on the plane we have prepared for you.

Tips for Sleeping on a Plane

1. Pre-flight preparation

You should pay attention to what you eat and drink before the flight. Tea, coffee, orange juice are drinks that can make you sleepy. You can take care not to eat gaseous foods. What you drink in the first hour of the flight may also make it difficult to fall asleep later. You can sleep more easily if you stay away from caffeine. If you try to sleep after meeting your toilet needs, you will not have to divide your sleep. If you are going to take a long flight, you can try going on a tired and sleepless journey. This makes it easier to fall asleep.

2. Pay attention to choose the right seat

If you choose a good seat, you can make a peaceful journey and sleep. The best seats that will meet these conditions are those located in the emergency exit, corridor, or window. First of all, you will need a position where you can rest your head. For this reason, the window seat is the right choice. So you can rest your head on the window. The middle seats are not options that you will be comfortable with.

3. Take an eye mask with you

It is difficult to sleep in a bright environment. It is best to wear a sleep mask and blackout yourself. If you turn off the lamps at the top and put on your mask, you can sleep easier. If your flight covers night hours, you can rest easy as the lights of the plane will also be dimmed.

4. Use earplugs or headphones

Noise and sound are the leading factors that make it difficult to sleep. If you use headphones or plugs to avoid being affected by the noise inside the aircraft, you can overcome this problem. In this way, you will be saved from hearing the voices of sleepers snoring. Otherwise, the announcements, the voices of the service cars walking in the corridor, and the conversations between people will disturb your sleep. If you are one of those who are affected by even the smallest sound, you should not miss your own earplug.

5. A small pillow makes your life easier

Since not all airline companies offer pillow service, it is useful to have your own pillow with you. Moreover, it becomes a more hygienic choice. If you are going on a long flight, and you are worried about sleeping, you should definitely buy a pillow that suits you. You can easily find it in the stores at the airport. You can make your journey more comfortable by buying a neck pillow or a sleep pillow. If you sleep with the neck pillow, you will not experience neck pain. You should not ignore taking measures to support your head.

6. Screen? Turn it off

Lights that reflect on the eyes from the screen prevent you from sleeping. Even if your eyes are closed, you will be affected. Lighted environments do not allow you to sleep well. You should try to sleep after turning off the screen and the lamps above you and wearing your mask. Otherwise, you will turn right and left to sleep.

7. Do not forget to put your seat to sleep position

If you are flying in economy class, you should put your seat in the most suitable position for sleep. The most accurate angle to sleep is 135 degrees. Trying to sleep when you’re in the 75 or 90-degree position is not right. If you don’t have the opportunity to tilt your seat back, you can also open your table and try to lie forward.

8. Reading books and watching movies

For some people, reading books and watching movies make it easier to fall asleep. You can use these methods to make you sleepy. The subject of the book or movie you choose should be light and fun. If you choose topics that will arouse curiosity or create tension, you may miss yourself rather than bringing you to sleep.

9. Take a white noise device

You can easily fall asleep if you buy a white noise device that you can listen to with headphones while on your journey. White noise prevents you from being affected by the sounds as it masks ambient sounds. It makes it easier to fall asleep by emitting a buzzing sound. You can try to sleep by reading a book accompanied by white noise.

By following these simple recommendations, you can make a comfortable flight where you can sleep with quality sleep.

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