How to Remove Pen Ink from Clothes?

The ballpoint pen is the most used pen in daily life with its easy to find and use. As such, ballpoint pen stains can be encountered on clothes, carpets, or other surfaces at any time.

Use the pen stain removal tips on these pages only on fabrics or carpets that you are sure of. You can get service from dry cleaning services for delicate clothes that use more than one type of fabric.

How to Get Rid of a Ballpoint Pen Stain?

Always treat as soon as possible for ballpoint pen stain. Treating the ballpoint pen stain while it is wet will have a positive effect on removing the stain.

If the ballpoint pen liquid is thick, first soak the stain on a white clean dry cloth or paper towel.

Then, soak a spoonful of bleach-free liquid laundry detergent and a glass of water on a clean and white paper towel or cloth and use them to dab the ballpoint pen without rubbing it.

Wash the garment as instructed. Also, rinse the carpet with as little water as possible.

Hang the garment to air dry. Remove moisture from the carpet by tamping it with a dry and clean cotton cloth or paper towel.

Is hair spray effective for removing ballpoint pen stains?

It can be used to remove hairspray and water ball stains, but by doing so you can invite another problem while solving one problem. Because hairspray can contain oils such as alcohol, resins, and lanolin.
The alcohol in the hairspray can cause discoloration, especially on silk. Likewise, oils and other ingredients may cause another staining.

Can rubbing alcohol be used while the pen stain is being removed?

Using rubbing alcohol can be successful in some cases to remove ballpoint pen stains from clothing and carpets. However, we do not recommend the use of rubbing alcohol because it is both flammable and harmful.

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