How to Remove Nail Polish Stains?

Given that nail polish remover removes the nail polish from your nails, it is highly likely that it will also work for nail polish stains on fabric or clothing.

When removing nail polish stains, nail polish remover is your best friend, but it also poses some important risks: Removing nail polish stains from clothing can deform the fabric, lighten the color, leave other stains on the nail polish remover after the process, etc. Therefore, you must test the nail polish remover on the inside of your garment or in an inconspicuous area to ensure that such problems will not occur when removing nail polish stains.

How To Remove Nail Polish Stain On Clothes

The tips on nail polish stains on this page are for washable fabrics that can come into contact with water. Besides, in the case of delicate fabrics that can only be dry cleaned, it will be useful to get service from the dry cleaning service supported by professional stain removers.

  • Use acetone-containing nail polish remover to soak a white, unpatterned paper towel, cloth, or cotton. (You can also do this with acetone-free nail polish removers. These are safer, but have less effect.).
  • Test the nail polish remover on the inside of the fabric at a small seam to make sure the nail polish remover is not damaging the fabric.
  • Press the cotton soaked in acetone without rubbing it over the stain. (Before this process, it will be good to put a thick paper towel or cloth under the nail polish stain to prevent the nail polish stain from getting on the non-stained side of the garment.
  • Change the cotton or material you use as it absorbs the nail polish stain.
  • If the nail polish stain gets on the back of the fabric, repeat these steps several times on both sides of the nail polish stain.
  • Finally, wash the fabric as instructed and dry without using a dryer.
  • If the nail polish stain remains, you can use bleach for white fabrics, if available in the instructions.

If the nail polish stain is not completely removed with stain removal applications, you can get help from the dry cleaning services.

An Alternative Method to Remove Nail Polish Stains From Fabric

Another method you can use to remove nail polish stains:

  • First, stretch the garment over a bowl and fasten it to the bowl with a rubber band.
  • Test whether the nail polish remover can damage the fabric on an invisible part of the inside of the fabric.
  • Use a stainless steel spoon to drip nail polish remover over the nail polish so that the nail polish stain flows into the bowl. (This may take a while, but if a shirt you love has got a nail polish stain, it’s worth it.)
  • If this process is not enough for nail polish, you can support this application with the above procedures.

Additional Information on How To Remove Nail Polish Stain From Fabric

With the stain removal methods here, we aim to give a recipe that will remove the stain from the fabric with easily accessible products. If you follow the instructions on how to remove nail polish from the fabric, it will positively affect your stain removal success. Besides, it is of special importance that you do not neglect to wash your clothes following the written instructions after removing the nail polish stain from the fabric, in order not to damage the fabric texture.

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