How to Remove Coffee Stain?

The tips for removing coffee stains here apply to clothes marked as washable in the instructions. If delicate fabrics such as natural fibers, silk, wool, leather, linen, suede, or clothes with lining are involved, you may need to bring them to a professional cleaner.

Trial and error practices made by many consumers can fix the stain and make it impossible to remove. In addition, fabrics that can only be dry cleaned should not be contacted with water.

How to Remove Coffee Stains on Clothes?

It is very easy to spill coffee on clothing, but not so easy to remove the coffee stain.

An application that can be effective in removing coffee stains:

  1. Take the coffee-stained fabric and turn it over before doing the intervention. From the inside, the back of the stain, run cold water over the stain. This intervention can loosen the coffee stain.
  2. Then apply bleach and alkaline-free detergent to the stained area and leave it for about 7-8 minutes, or 30 minutes if it has been a long time since the stain was present.
  3. The next step to remove the coffee stain is to soak the fabric in warm water for about 20 minutes after making sure that you have rinsed off the detergent completely.
  4. Then wash the clothes normally and do not use the dryer to dry them.

If the coffee stain is not removed from the fabric when the clothing dry, you can get support from the dry cleaning service near you.

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