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6 Practical and Bright Ideas for Kitchen You Should Try

6 Practical and Bright Ideas for Kitchen You Should Try

If you want to change something in your kitchen but can’t find where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Homify has brought together practical and bright ideas that can be easily applied in every kitchen and have the potential to change the air of your kitchen at once.

You can create a new style without making radical changes in your kitchen, and you can reach the results you want in much shorter ways by correctly evaluating your materials and possibilities. Let’s take a closer look at these practical ideas.

1 – Evaluate the empty bottom of your machines

If you have empty shelves at the bottom of your countertop and especially your kitchen island, you can make a great place for your vegetables such as potatoes, onions or large pots that do not fit in your kitchen cabinets with stylish wicker mesh baskets. These baskets, which you can buy at very affordable prices from many shops in the market, will add both functionality and elegance to your kitchen.

2 – Partition the big drawers in themselves

Large and deep drawers specially designed for kitchen utensils that take up a lot of space, such as pots and plates, are standard in many of the new generation kitchens. While these drawers are a great blessing, especially for large-volume utensils such as pressure cookers, teapots and serving dishes, they remain idle because they are not suitable for putting anything else when empty. The best thing you can do in such a situation would be to divide these large drawers into sections. From a simple cardboard partition to multi-storey wooden sections, you can choose and use the one that suits your taste and budget from endless options.

3 – Eliminate your knives

Magnet apparatus, which we use every day in our kitchen and provide an extremely practical and simple storage opportunity especially for our knives, have been available at a fairly affordable price in almost every building market in recent years. If you still don’t have one of these in your kitchen, you should get it right away. Moreover, you are not doomed to steel color anymore, you can choose the most suitable one for your kitchen decoration among alternative colors.

4 – A new air in the kitchen

If you have a large kitchen, you also have room for functions other than cooking and eating. Do not think about what can be done in the kitchen irrelevant to food. A small bookcase that you will make on a part of your kitchen island can add a completely different atmosphere to your kitchen. In this area, you can keep your cookbooks or novels you read every day. But keep in mind that books hold dust very easily and don’t forget to clean these shelves frequently. But don’t give up books in your kitchen or in another room of your house just because it will keep dust. After all, every item is absolutely dirty, so you don’t give up another item, do you?

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5 – For those who want to feel like a chef

If you see yourself as a mother, a father, a spouse or more than just a person cooking, or if you want to feel like a chef in your kitchen, you should start taking steps towards this in your decoration. With a hanger system that will add a professional touch to your kitchen, you can always keep your pots, pans, and pans that you use most at hand. Moreover, this hanger will save you a lot of space in the kitchen cabinets and provide plenty of storage space.

6 – Fresh flowers and spices

Most of us try to grow plants such as parsley, pepper, mint, and rosemary on the balconies or in front of our kitchens. But what about moving them in? You can carry the wonderful smell of fresh spices to your kitchen with a few good quality pots that you will install in a simple hanger system, and you can get indescribable tastes by adding these spices that you have plucked from the branch to your dishes.

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