How to Build a Pallet Fence?

It is possible to make wonderful furniture with wooden pallets frequently used in the transportation industry. With this trend, which is quite common today, it is possible to make armchairs and beds. In this article, we will tell you how to make a garden fence with pallets. You can build your garden fence without much expense by recycling pallets. You may find an unused palette around you. If you know someone working in this industry, they definitely have extra pallets to give you. It is possible to purchase if you wish.

While you are making a fence for your garden with pallets, you can also use it as garden furniture in case of increased pallets.

Garden Fence Construction with Pallets

The necessary materials and construction stages for making a garden fence from pallets are described in detail below. With the right materials and careful construction, you can have great garden fences.


  • Palette
  • Metal fence posts
  • Strong tie wire
  • Nails and hammer
  • Closure for hinges and gate
  • Wood varnish, paint

How to Make a Pallet Fence?

First, measure the area you want to fence off.

Then measure the pallets you find and calculate how many pallets you will need. Then get enough pallets.

When choosing pallets, make sure they are all the same size. Thus, it will be more harmonious in appearance. In addition, you will receive the correct number of pallets according to the calculation you make. It would be better to choose one with a finer structure in the selection of pallets. You can use this thin pallet as a door.

Come to the area in your garden that you want to fence and place the metal fence posts in the corners and places you have chosen as support points. It will be better if you place the fence posts at intervals of two meters.

After placing the fence posts, take the first pallet and tie it tightly to the iron post with wire.

Lay the other pallets in the same way, tying them tightly.

After placing all the pallets, leave space for passage. You will use this place like a door. You will use the thin palette of your choice to make the door.

For this, you need to nail the hinges to the pallet next to the door area you have chosen and to the pallet you have chosen to be the door. Attach the necessary apparatus to close the door on the other side of the hinged side.

When all these processes are finished, it will be to paint or varnish your wooden fences from the pallet. You can choose which one you want to do according to your own taste.

After painting, you can varnish and revive the paint.

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