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The decoration of the places we are in affects our mood and lifestyle. Therefore, creating minimalist-style in-house decorations to create comfortable living spaces and get rid of unnecessary items in our lives is very popular right now. For the living room of your home, which has an important place in your life, you can browse the simple and stylish minimalist home decoration ideas.

How Should The Minimalist Living Room Decoration Be?

It aims to create a living space away from unnecessary details by blending minimalist decoration, functionality and aesthetics that are included in our life with the idea of ​​“small but essential goods”. In today’s world, where natural habitats are gradually decreasing and we are far from nature, decoration ideas away from excessive accessories and furniture help us take a comfortable breath. Minimalist living room decoration ideas also gather innovative and aesthetic ideas for our living rooms, which are the heart of home life. “How to apply minimalist decoration?” If you say, let’s start looking at the minimal living room decoration that we will explain in detail and share practical ideas for all living room models, without wasting time!

Minimalist Living Room Decoration With All Tips

In most homes, the living room is now used as the basic living space. Considering that a mess is prevalent in all areas of life in big and crowded cities, your basic expectation stands for calmness, simplicity, and quietness when you step into your home. For this reason, minimalism constitutes the focal point of all decoration movements.

The most important thing you should know about decoration: All the items in the room indirectly affect the energy of everyone living in that house. As such, the reduction of the items also enables you and your household to be exposed to less energy. Generally speaking, minimalist home designs contain less detail. The designs, which include furniture with thin lines and neutral colors, armchairs with less space, elegantly designed tables and coffee tables, start to win the hearts of those who care about home decoration.

Where to Start Minimalist Living Room Decoration?

If you are one of the decoration lovers who want to create minimalist living room decoration, you must first prepare a list. At the top of the list, you will create, you can write excess furniture and unused furniture in the living room. While creating this list that will help you simplify your home, exchanging ideas with your family members is a must.

In the second part of the list, “Is there a need for a different item for the living room?” You can call the answer to the question. In addition, if there are new items in your living room that you are not satisfied with, you can redecorate them to your own taste. Thanks to these small changes you will make, your home will start to gain a new decoration style. After completing the listing process, you can make color arrangements in accordance with the furniture in your living room. If you will arrange your living room according to minimalist lines, you can choose light colors. Because accessories with eye-catching colors and eye-catching are not very suitable for minimalist salons. Keep in mind; preferences in this direction will help reduce the clutter at home.

In addition to these, it is very important to measure the square meter of your living room decoration and to choose the appropriate item accordingly. If you have a large living room, if you create a living room with a few items, you can disrupt the item-living room balance. For this reason, you should choose the minimalist furniture carefully according to the size of your living room. In smaller living rooms, it is easier to apply the minimalism trend. You can choose ergonomic and stylish accessories in these kinds of salons. In this way, you will successfully apply the “little and useful item, little but stylish accessory” rule.

Minimalist Decoration Ideas for Different Living Room Types

There are two different types of halls, square and rectangular. Hall types have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example; While decorating the halls, it is not difficult in square halls, while those with a thin long hall sometimes encounter small problems. In rectangular halls, there may be a distance between the guests, especially if the location of the seats is not considered. To avoid such a situation and create a more intimate atmosphere, we recommend that you use the long edges effectively while placing your minimalist furniture. In accordance with the minimalist style, you do not narrow the movement area by using as few items as possible in the living room. In addition, the middle of the hall should remain as empty as possible. For example; You can choose a plain L seat for your thin long hall and leave the area between the TV and the empty space. So you can easily carry minimalism to your rectangular hall.

Wall Decoration Ideas for Minimalist Living Rooms

Wall decoration is one of the most frequently ignored topics in home decoration. But more detailed walls are very important in the decoration of the house! The walls are large and spacious, a good opportunity to direct the character of the house the way you want! For example, you can make your living space unique thanks to the paintings, photos or pictures you choose in accordance with the furniture you use in your home.

Photo albums are frequently used in living room wall decorations recently. You can add movement to your home by hanging photos of your loved ones or family and combining them with different accessories. But there are some important points to be aware of in order not to spoil the simple and minimalist style in your home. For example; Frames or objects that you will use when decorating your wall should not have hard lines or contrary colors. Otherwise, you can spoil the peaceful and calm atmosphere in your home. If you want to hang different objects on your wall, you can choose simple colors. In addition, when choosing the wall color, it is useful to choose between shades such as cream, light gray or off-white.

How Should You Choose the Accessories to Create a Simple Living Room?

“How to make a living room decoration?” is among the topics that many people are investigating. One of the most important details for spacious, minimalist salons is the choice of accessories. You should not forget that the decoration products you will use in the living room and on the walls can change the air of the whole hall. Therefore, we recommend you to be very meticulous in choosing accessories. To list the topics you can consider about accessories:

Accessories to choose in minimalist living room decoration; You can get a much more spacious image when it is plain, average in size and does not spoil the appearance of the items used in the hall.
You can choose light-colored and thin tulle curtains for your living room windows, and you can complete your simple and spacious decoration by using the most effective sunlight.
We recommend you to use LED bulbs while lighting your living room in the evening. The illumination made in a way that does not tire the eyes can make your living room more spacious.
You should make sure that the carpet you want to buy for your minimalist living room is not decorated with very colorful and complex patterns. Because the carpets designed in this style can tire the eye or come to the fore and leave all the items in the background in the background. You can make your living room look more spacious and spacious by choosing a plain, pastel tone or small patterned carpet.

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