How to Make a Cool Pallet Bed?

There is no need for high costs for a stylish bedroom. You can have a bed that is both stylish and useful in very simple ways, using a few materials. Pallets are at the top of the materials that can be used as both double and single bedstead in DIY projects. You can easily make the pallet bed frame models, used in the designs of a famous Scandinavian furniture chain in the past years and became popular in a short time. It can be valued as a wooden pallet bed, which you can easily find from home depots.

Advantages of Choosing a Wooden Pallet in the Bedroom

Pallet beds, which are very easy to build, can be easily disassembled and transported. The lower part of the bed becomes a storage space with small additions.

The pallet bedstead decorated with LED lights provides a modern look. Compared to other bedroom sets, pallets have much cheaper costs. You can use the pallets, which become extremely useful after a few simple procedures, for a long time without the risk of rotting. It is not only possible to make a bed, but also a bedside table and headboard by placing the pallets differently.

Step by Step: How to Make Bed Frame from Pallets?

Materials for Making Wooden Pallet Bed

  • Screwdriver or Rope to attach pallets
  • Sandpaper
  • Varnish
  • Rope
  • Paint
  • Brush

You can attach the pallets together using colored ropes like the one below.

You should sand the pallets with sandpaper or hand sander tool. Remember to wear gloves to avoid splinters and a mask to avoid wood dust.

After sanding the pallets with sandpaper, paint the pallets with a paint suitable for the wood in any color and let it dry. White paint may be a good choice. Apply varnish and let it dry again.

You can screw the pallets together or attach them with rope. You can put four palettes side by side if you wish, or you can add two to the head sections to make a pallet headboard. It is also possible to raise the bed by using two layers of pallets on top of each other. You can use the bottom of high pallets as storage space. The pallets are usually 120 × 80 in size, you can design your own bed according to the size of the room and the usage you want. It is possible to place pallets vertically or horizontally.

You can start the assembly from the headboard. By attaching 6 metal bands from the back, you can turn two pallets into a double bed head. Screwdriver enough when assembling pallets.

You can use corner braces to fix the headboard to the bed frame made from pallets.

You have to make sure the screws are fully tightened. If the screws are exposed, it can damage the of your bed. It had better place a particle board on the pallet frame just in case.

You can also stick felt furniture pads on the sharp ends touching the floor in order to prevent the pallet from damaging the floor.

Cleaning Wooden Pallets Before Using

If you didn’t buy new pallets and you will use recycled pallets, you need to take extra care for cleaning. For wood pallet cleaning, you should vacuum the pallet well before sanding then wipe it with a wet cloth. After it’s dry, start removing any roughness with sandpaper. If there is obvious decay on the pallet, you should not use it.

Keep in mind that rotten wood can cause mold, become vulnerable, and smell. If the wood remained clean after sanding, there is no harm in starting bed construction. After preparing your bed, you should use a dry cloth as much as possible during routine home cleaning. You can vacuum the dust. When wiping with a slightly damp cloth, you should definitely ventilate the pallets.

You can make an authentic design by placing colorful pillows on the pallet platform and use string lights through the pallets. Note also that you can use the pallet spacers as bookshelves or shoe cabinets. If the paint of the palette is deformed, you can repaint it. When you are bored with the color of pallets, you can change the color of your bed as you wish. But I think the natural color of wood always looks better.

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