How to Make Liquid Soap from Bar Soap?

In order to prevent parasites such as germs, bacteria and viruses from sticking to the hands, hygiene has become more important. You can also obtain the use of liquid soap, which has recently increased, by using your own methods at home. You can especially prefer soap made with natural ingredients. So how is liquid soap made from bar soap? Here are very easy soap bar making methods at home …

Cleaning is of great importance in order that epidemic diseases such as bacteria and viruses do not meet. The coronavirus, which is effective all over the world, has further increased the need for cleaning and hygiene. Due to the coronavirus, we started to consume more intense amounts of soap in homes than before. The World Health Organization and our Ministry of Health say that we should wash our hands frequently with soap and water during the day. Washing hands is considered one of the leading personal protective measures to prevent pandemics. Washing our hands with soap and water for twenty seconds was even featured on posters everywhere. Wouldn’t you like to prepare liquid soap from bar soap that is both economical and destroying viruses in your home? Here is how to make liquid soap from bar soap that you can easily prepare at home.

Making Liquid Soap from Bar Soap?

  • Grate a bar of bath soap in your home into a large bowl. Instead, you can grate two colored and scented hand soap.
  • After grating the soaps, put 4.5 liters of water in the pot. The water you put in the pot should be close to boiling. Heat the water until it is about 80 ° C. If you do not have a heat meter at hand, this temperature is 1.5-2 minutes before the water boils. you can think of it as the previous version.
  • After properly heating the water, cover the bottom of the pot. Pour the soap grated in a bowl slowly into the pan. Make sure that the soap is completely dissolved and mixed in the water by stirring lightly.
  • After mixing well in the pan, cover the bottom and put your pan aside. Leave the pot to cool for a day. You will see that the soap has a thicker consistency.
  • After waiting 1 day, put the liquid soap you prepared in the pot into a 5-liter plastic bottle with the help of a funnel. The soap you produce with the liquid soap making recipe at home is ready to use.

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