How to Keep Your Bathroom Mold-free?

Mildew and mold can cause hideous stains on your walls, bathroom tile, shower and bath stall, countertops, and ceilings. They can also create an unpleasant and sour smell. Apart from being unpleasant, mildew and mold can be dangerous also for the homeowners and their families. Steps should be taken to eliminate the mold or ensure that it is kept to a minimum in the bathroom. With the help of a few tips, you can ensure that your bathroom will be mold-free and sparkling clean and clear.

As mold thrives in a humid and sealed-in environment, keep your bathroom well ventilated after you have a shower. Mildew and mold flourish in dark areas. You can turn the lights on when you shower and let it be on afterward for fifteen minutes or more. Close your curtains to dry the bathroom quickly and make sure to maintain a dry surface as much as possible. Lastly, maintain unclogged drains and use paint which is mold and mildew-resistant.

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