10 Important Things to Consider When Buying a House

Let’s say you bought a new house or received your house after the renovation. It is necessary to try to minimize the problems that may be annoying in the future with the controls you will make before taking them. Turkey is hard to find fine workmanship; The support you get from the professional of the job will be very useful to avoid any problems in the future. But you can avoid most of these problems with the controls you can do yourself. Do not be shy when controlling the house. These jobs are costly. When the problem arises after settling into the house, it becomes more difficult to correct and causes material and psychological wear. Here is a list of what you should basically check.

Checking the accuracy of the slope on the balcony.

Make sure there is a slope towards the drain to avoid problems when washing the balcony in the future. Make sure that the paint applied on the balcony walls is properly made.

Checking the counters.

Note the number you see on the counters. Then, you don’t have to pay the electricity or water bill that you don’t use.

Test the built-in.

If the home built-in is delivered, make sure that all electronic devices are working. Request warranty documents. If the hood in the kitchen is incorrectly connected, it will not work well. Open the hood and try to understand its efficiency. If a glass hob is used, there is a 5 cm distance between the counter. Make sure this is applied.

Try electrical parts.

Try out sockets. Make sure the switches turn on the lights. If there is a Vavien key, check the operation of the keys. Open the fuse box and see if there is a cable with no connection. If there is, it may indicate that there is a part that is not properly connected.

Control of wall paints.

Make sure the surface is not rough. If necessary, identify the wavy sections, if any, with the aid of light. Ceiling paint is also important and often overlooked. Make sure that the application is done properly on the ceiling.

Control of parquets.

Color changes in the parquets and gaps that may cause trouble in the future should be checked. The parquets should not stretch, they should be placed properly. In addition, make sure that there is no gap between the moldings and wall placements and that they are placed properly.

Control of ceramics.

Make sure that the ceramics are carefully placed. Detect broken, cracked ceramics. Pay attention to color tones, try to understand ceramics in different shades or patterns.

Control of heating systems.

Turn the heaters or heating on and off. Make sure all radiators are hot. Make sure the boiler is working properly if any. If air conditioning is available, do the same check for air conditioning. Find out the condition of the air conditioner being cleaned recently.

Control of windows and doors.

Maintenance and replacement of windows and doors are expensive. It is good to check them tightly at first. Open and close all windows. Make sure it is fully closed and opened. Check the doors of the rooms, check if the keys are working. Make sure the door is locked straight.

Control of the bathroom.

Pull out the siphons and check for obstructions. Make sure the sanitary wares are not rusty. Be careful not to let the shower, sink and sink faucets get water. Check the condition of the silicones.

We roughly compiled the places you need to check. Your experiences are also very important. If only I had noticed before, or fortunately you noticed, are there any ideas we can add to this list? Please share in the comments, let’s update the list!

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