Decorating Ideas to Make a Room Look Bigger

Don’t let the size prevent you to make your dream home reality. You may not always have as big a house as you would like. But that shouldn’t stop you from reflecting your style. Those who want to breathe new life into the small house where he has lived for a long time, those who want to furnish a flawless decoration in the house where he will be moved. It is possible to make spaces look bigger with simple ideas that can be easily applied for everyone and every space, Thanks to the practical decoration ideas we have compiled for you, you can create big changes in small spaces.

Compatible Colors

You should start by choosing the right colors first. The biggest mistake to make in small spaces is to choose dark colors. In this case, the room looks smaller, and you will get bored during the time you spend there. So, it would make much more sense to choose a light color. Of course, what should be considered at this point is not to create an environment completely dominated by a single light color. This time, monotony makes the room boring. One of the ideas of decoration that will make the environment wider is to use a light color on large pieces such as seat fabric, carpet or floor covering. You should opt for more dark colors in complementary parts such as pillows, accessories.


Making a room bigger is something that can be done entirely with an illusion. There’s a very simple and effective idea for that next. It is possible to get a wider view with a few points to note when hanging the paintings on the walls. For example, if you’re looking for decorating ideas that make a small living room look wider, you can start by hanging the paintings close to the seats. The same idea can be achieved with paintings hung near the bed headboards in the bedroom. This way the room will look much wider than it is. You can get different compositions with pictures or photos built into different sizes of picture frames.

Complementary Furniture

It’s very important to be strategic when decorating a small room. If each piece is chosen in harmony with each other and placed in a functional manner, it is possible to live there without compromising comfort. You can save space by choosing furniture that complement each other in this way.

Luminous Effect

Just like with paintings, you can make the room look wider with lighting products. Decoration ideas for lighting are not negligible details in small spaces. First, plan a lighting plan according to the general style of the room. Avoid white and bright lights, classic Stony chandeliers. Places where the light is reflected, not directly, look much wider. Table lamps or floor lamps may also be preferred. We also have a little suggestion about the lighting product you will use on the dining table. You can get a much different style with lamps that are long and dangle down to the table and make the dining section look wider.

Useful Products

One of the things that makes any room of the house small is the large furniture. The dominance of a single color and texture gives the room the feeling of being a very small space. To avoid this, you can opt for furniture of the same function, but a few pieces. For example, if you’re going to buy a library but you’re short on space, you can create a more spacious view by asymmetrically positioning several wall shelves. The same idea goes for television stands. Usually, these stands which narrow the area of use in the Hall are designed largely for the purpose of positioning the receiver films, books, and television. Instead, a stand consisting of separate parts may be preferred and thus the area of use can be enlarged.

You can share with us as a comment on your decorating suggestions that will show the environment more broadly.

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