How to Wash Pillows? Down – Cotton – Feather – Fiber

Pillow is one of our needs that increases our quality of life. Our vigorous and energetic start to the day depends on uninterrupted and comfortable sleep. Hygiene and care are important for the longevity of the pillows we use every day. Over time, dead skin fragments and dust accumulate in the pillows that constantly contact our skin. If they are not cleaned regularly, they shorten the life of our pillows and negatively affect our health.

The choice of pillows depends on personal preference, and the washing and maintenance of each one are different. You can find the tricks you need in this pillow wash guide. Before washing your pillow, remember to check that it is not ripped or split.

Warning: Always check the care label before washing your pillow; some types of pillows are not suitable for washing and are only suitable for dry cleaning.

How to wash cotton pillows?

Cotton pillow, goose feather due to its natural content is one of the pillow types that people with allergies often prefer. You can wash your cotton pillow at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees in your machine’s precision washing program. You should use a detergent that does not contain bleach and is suitable for the use of sensitive products. Then dry your pillow in the delicate program of your dryer.

Do not use your pillow until you are sure it is completely dry. If you can’t wash your pillow at home, you can give it to the dry cleaning service.

How to wash wool pillows?

Wool pillow washing and maintenance is more laborious than other pillows. Today, wool pillows are difficult to find, so they are not used much. However, due to their natural nature, wool pillows are very healthy. If they are well cared for, they do not cause problems such as bacteria, moisture and mold. So, does the wool pillow wash in the machine? You can wash your wool pillow in your machine, but first you have to remove the wool from its sheath and put it in the laundry net so it won’t fall apart when washing. You should use a detergent made for Woolies. Alternatively, you can wash it by hand.

After the wool has been washed, if possible, lay the wool over a sun-drenched cover or sheet. After it has dried well, fluff it with your hand and place it in its sheath. Since wool pillows are difficult to dry, it is recommended not to wash in winter.

How to wash fiber pillows?

Fiber pillows, like other pillows, are not of natural content. However, they are often preferred because their cost is lower. Washing fiber pillows often do not pose a problem. However, the quality of the fiber is also of great importance in this regard. While good quality fiber pillows can be washed at the normal washing setting, washing of poor quality fibers can result in poor results. After checking the care label of your pillow, you can wash it at 40 degrees in your machine.

Do not put your pillow in the dryer, you should leave it to dry naturally in an area such as a balcony. After drying, you can fluff it with your hand.

How to wash feather pillows?

How to Wash Pillows? Down - Cotton - Feather - Fiber 2

Goose down pillows are preferred because of their comfort, anti-allergic properties and natural content. If it is well maintained, it is very long-lasting. It also has the properties of balancing body temperature and not harboring bacteria. The first choice in the care of your goose feather pillow will be in favor of dry cleaning.

However, when washing at home is mandatory, you can wash with a small amount of sensitive detergent in your machine’s sensitive washing program at a temperature of 30 degrees. Then dry it in the precision program in the machine in a dryer. If you want to leave it to dry naturally, you should not use it until you are sure that your pillow is thoroughly dry.

No matter what the material and content of the pillow you use, a quality sleep passes through a clean pillow. As long as you maintain your pillows regularly, you can easily use them for many years.


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