How to Wash Black Jeans? – Keep Them from Fading

Black jeans are one of the pieces we have in our wardrobe to get a stylish, modern and effortless look in every season. Therefore, it may disappoint us to encounter jeans with fading color from time to time. After all, fading jeans are not a situation anyone would want to encounter. So what should be done so that black jeans do not fade? In our article, we share some tips that you can easily apply.

How to Keep Black Jeans From Fading?

There is actually a very easy tip when it comes to dark jeans. If possible, avoid washing your jeans too often. The more the jeans get into the washing machine, the more color it loses. The good news is that you don’t need to wash your jeans after every use unless they get dirty. However, city life and a busy tempo may not make this option possible. That’s why the laundry instructions recommended for all your colored clothes and the products used during washing are very important. So how to wash black jeans ?

How to Wash Black Jeans?

Providing hygiene in laundry is important, but when it comes to dark colors, it would be wrong to continue to apply the laundry styles we are used to. Remember to consider the following so that black jeans don’t fade.

1. Wash in Cold Water

Your jeans are fading and how to wash yourself from time to time black jeans? You may find yourself alone with the question. When washing your black jeans , you should be careful about washing them in cold water. Avoid washing your dark clothes at very high temperatures. If the jeans are washed at very high temperatures, the color will fade much faster. Cold water helps it protect its color.

2. Wash Your Jeans Inside Out

It is always a good idea to follow the laundry instructions on the jeans. Turning the jeans inside out and washing them is one of them. Thus, the jeans fabric will come into contact with the detergent as less as possible and will be effective against the problem of black jeans whitening. At the same time, you will thoroughly clean the part of the jeans that come into contact with your skin. However, do not forget to turn the jeans flat after washing and dry them.

3. Do Not Sun Drying Black Jeans

Although it is recommended to dry clothes on a clear and sunny day, do not choose this option for your colorful clothes and black jeans. Since sunlight causes discoloration in colored laundry, an open area without sun or a dryer is a better option to prevent discoloration.

4. Opt for Gentle Wash or Hand Wash in the Washing Machine

The first thing you need to do to keep the color of black jeans from fading is as gentle care as possible. The stronger you set the washing machine program, the more your jeans will wear and lose color during washing. That’s why we recommend you wash it on the most sensitive program. Hand washing will also help.

5. Use Detergent Made for Dark Colors

We recommend that you use a quality detergent and softener specially developed for dark colored clothes so that black jeans do not fade. Since these formulas are specially produced to preserve the color of dark clothes, they are definitely worth a try so that the clothes you care about do not fade. Black liquid detergent is a good option for a gentle but thorough cleaning and protects dark clothes from discoloration. Don’t forget to add some softener to the wash cycle as well. This will give your black jeans extra softness while helping them retain their color.

Do Black and Color Wash Together?

Separating each of the laundry according to its color prolongs the washing process. But it is worth doing this to preserve the color and quality of your clothes like the first day. Different colors fade each other when you mix your clothes. Therefore, if possible, it is best to wash coloreds and blacks separately.

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