How to Organize a Kitchen? – The Method of 3 Zone

How much space do I need? The answer to this question is decisive at every stage when choosing the house you live in, renovating and placing your belongings. A poorly designed kitchen can be uncomfortable in daily life; can miss spending time in the kitchen. Kitchens come first in the list of places where cupboards should be designed correctly.

There are 3 different activities in the kitchen. It is difficult to be fully organized; but according to the needs, you can get a much more useful kitchen by adopting the principle of grouping these 3 areas differently.

So what are these 3 different zones? Refrigerator center, cooking center, and sink center.

Refrigerator center

This section is where the food is taken and preliminary preparation is made before starting to cook. The ideal place for this section is to be at the entrance of the kitchen to be able to place it immediately after shopping. In addition, you can plan a small cellar or dry food section. This will allow you to leave the bags to the nearest counter as soon as you go shopping, and quickly place dry food in this closet and fresh food in the refrigerator.

Another section to be found in the refrigerator center is the preparation section. Here you can place containers, mixers, measuring spoons, salad dryers, lemon juicers, etc., all the preparation ingredients before cooking. Small household appliances such as coffee machines and toasters are also easily accessible since they are close to dry foods.

You can place your cookbooks to be used before the preparation next to the refrigerator center. Appliances such as robots, rondo, mixer, toaster, which you do not want to stand on the counter can also be placed here in cabinets.

Cooking center

This section contains the stove and oven and all cooking appliances. The oven and stove should be located close to each other. At the same time, all cooking elements should be placed in this section. Wooden spoons, serving spoons, etc. should be kept close here. In addition, pot holders, oven gloves and underlays are also useful here. It is easy to put the service staff here to serve your meals from the stove or oven right here in this section. Bowls, oval plates, etc. service products are very useful in the cooking center.

Another section that should be kept close to the cooking center, spices and pots, pans. It is your personal preference to store them in lower cabinets or upper cabinets.

Sink center

The most used part of the kitchen. Its ideal location is between the refrigerator center and the cooking center, within easy reach of both. The most important thing is that the sink and dishwasher are close to each other. In this section, try to leave the countertop empty as much as possible. It is a good solution to place the garbage under the sink. This section includes daily plates and glasses, food preparation equipment and cleaning supplies.

You can place service plates in the sink center either in the lower drawers or in the upper cabinets. Kitchen towels, garbage bags, stretch films also belong here.

Glasses are generally used in the upper cabinets. However, the lower cabinets with drawers also provide easy access to the glasses.

Another important part of the sink center is the part with knife and cutting boards. When it is in the middle of the refrigerator and cooking, it is easily accessible.

Try to place what you use together as much as you can without being bound by these limits. For example, the placement of cups near the coffee machine.

The U-type kitchen is decorated on the basis of usefulness, taking into account these principles. By designing a kitchen that meets your own needs, aim to spend a much more enjoyable time by getting less tired while preparing food in the kitchen!

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