How to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

Does Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Matter?

If the vacuum cleaner is not maintained, it will only cause dust and dirt to be displaced. So you might think that it cleans your house with a vacuum cleaner that has not been maintained, but it will spread the dust from the ground around again because your vacuum cleaner is not being maintained. You need to know how to clean the vacuum cleaner if you want to get the best efficiency from the vacuum cleaner that is used most in cleaning the House.

1- Check the dust bag and Chamber frequently

The biggest cause of vacuum cleaner suction loss is congestion. This blockage causes the machine to heat up easily, as well as to lose suction. To relieve congestion, do not use the bag repeatedly. Your dust bag, which has not been cleaned well or has been over-filled, will give the dirt out of the bag, which it can no longer confine to it. So it’ll clog your filters.

In vacuum cleaners without bags, you must drain the water after each cleaning. If the water is not constantly changed, they say that they have difficulty both in terms of Hygiene and because of the bad smell.

And don’t forget to look at the pipe part of your broom. Most of the time, large pieces form a blockage in the pipe. Even around the hair, hair also accumulates, becoming very large and clogs your pipe. You can also tell when the pipe is blocked by the machine giving a different sound during the sweep. Even reduced suction power. For this reason, always remember to check the pipe. Washing is the solution from time to time.

2- See Filters

When maintaining a vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner has washable filters. These filters can also be found, removed, shaken or washed and dried thanks to the user manual. But never forget to dry after washing. Filters that otherwise remain moist will cause odor and breakdown. However, to understand that your machine’s filter has been washed, make sure to take the information from the manual.

3- Do Not Forget the handle and brushes of the broom

Your broom has brush parts underneath the long-handled part you sweep. In this part over time, hairs, hairs, and the surrounding dust balls create deposits. In fact, a thick powder adheres to where the absorption is done. Remove the bristles with a brush and dust them immediately underwater. In fact, clean and disinfect this part with the help of soapy water and cloth.

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