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How to Get Rid of Fish Odors in Oven?

How to Get Rid of Fish Odors in Oven?

It is recommended to consume fish at least twice a week. Cooking fish in the kitchen is one of the most problematic moments. The heavy smell of fish permeates every part of the house. Its smell stays in the oven for weeks, especially when it is baked. So how do you get the smell of fish in the oven, how is it cleaned? What are the methods of removing fishy odor from the oven?

With the increasing fertility in the winter season, it started to take its place more on the tables. There are many different types of fish, which are both very tasty and heart-friendly. Fish, which should be consumed by everyone, is a very rich food in terms of vitamin content and strong nutritional value. Fish, which is abundant in our country and especially in these months, should be consumed at least 2 times a week. The healthiest method of cooking fish, which is prepared with many different dishes after purchase, is to cook it in the oven. Therefore, with this method, which is used most often, the smell of fish placed in the oven spreads throughout the oven. There are several methods you should apply to remove the smell of the fish that do not come out for days and penetrates the oven. There are a few tricks for removing the fishy smell that women suffer the most.

How to Remove Fish Odors from an Oven?

  • You have decided to bake the fish. Then, be sure to put a few leaves of bay leaves in the baking tray while preparing the fish. The bay leaves that you put in this will prevent the fish smell from penetrating the oven.
  • Or you can put a few slices of lemon on the fish. Thus, you can reduce the heavy smell of fish. By adding lemon to the fish, you alleviate the smell of the fish in the whole house.
  • As soon as you take out the fish you have cooked in the oven, spray the oil remover, and wait for a while. Then clean thoroughly with a clean cloth.
  • You can also remove the fishy smell with a cloth with plenty of liquid soap. Wipe the oven all over with a sponge and do not forget to rinse with a clean cloth.
  • Another cultivated method is to wipe the oven with water with vinegar after cooking the fish. Thus, you can easily get rid of the fishy smell that permeates the oven.
  • Or, sprinkle some baking soda into the oven. Then put vinegar and water in an empty spray bottle. Spray this spray on every area you sprinkle baking soda. Wait about 3 minutes and clean with a clean sponge.
  • After doing all the above procedures, you can sprinkle some vanilla into the baking tray if you want. Then run the oven for about 20 minutes. Thus, your whole kitchen and home will be filled with the fragrance of vanilla.
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