How to Gain Reading Habit in 7 Steps?

Although many people consider it a hobby, actually reading a book is much more than that. The book is a must for developing yourself and looking at life differently. In fact, according to most famous entrepreneurs, it is one of the secrets of success.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, on the other hand, tries to read at least 1 book in 2 weeks and the importance of reading a book, “Books enable you to discover a subject literally.” explains the word. “Every book opens up new ways of information to be discovered.” Bill Gates says, he reads 50 books a year.

For example, Elon Musk, who said that he spent about 10 hours a day on his youth and was a fan of science fiction, “I was raised by books and then my family.” says.

So how can you get the habit of reading books that some famous entrepreneurs see as one of the secrets of their success? If you want to gain reading habits, we recommend you to listen to the suggestions we have listed.

What Are the Benefits of Reading Books?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of reading books before sorting out suggestions that will help you gain the habit of reading books.

Reading helps you to learn new words, that is, to improve your vocabulary.
It contributes to approaching an event from different perspectives and thus being more successful in problem-solving.
It allows you to get to know different lives and opinions; strengthens your empathy skills.
Reading books is an activity that requires patience and focus. After gaining the habit of reading books, you can be more successful in focusing on a problem or subject.
Your knowledge increases, you improve yourself.
It allows your stress level to drop and relax.
Also, if you want to shape your career as a writer, reading plenty of books is one of the steps you need to follow to become a writer!

What can we do to improve the habit of reading books?

If you are aware of the benefits of reading a book and one of you wants to gain a reading habit, but you are unsure of what path you need to follow, you are in the right place. Forget about your previous unsuccessful attempts, take a deep breath and sit back. Here, “What can be done to gain the habit of reading books?” answers to the question.

1. Choose to Start With Thin Books

Let’s admit that thick books can intimidate even those who have the habit of reading from time to time. For this reason, if you want to make reading a habit, we recommend you to choose thinner books that you will not be afraid of.

2. Choose Books Based on Your Interest

Reading on something you are not interested in can make you bored. Being bored prevents you from enjoying reading books and thus getting into the habit. You can decide on the types of movies you enjoy while watching to choose the books that suit your interests. For example, if you like watching historical documentaries, you can choose research books about history, science fiction movies if you like science fiction books or books from horror literature if you like thriller movies.

After deciding on the genre, you can explore the subject, style, or positive/negative criticism of the books by reviewing the comments made by those reading the book from blogs and various mobile applications or websites.

3. Prepare Reading List

Thanks to the reader’s comments, you can create a list of the books you want to read after you decide which books to read. You can use a notebook for this, as well as mobile applications. With these applications, you can list the books you read as well as the books you will read. This listing will help increase your motivation.

4. Determine Your Reading Area, Decide How Many Pages per Day

In the subway, on the bus, in the cafes… You see that many people are reading books in different places. But in order to achieve this, you must first develop yourself and gain a habit of focusing while reading a book. Otherwise, you may get distracted easily, and this may cause you to think that you do not understand what you are reading, and move away from books. Therefore, at home, you should start reading books by turning off devices that cause your mind to shift to different places. You can also use libraries or calm outdoors.

Habit as befits the name. So you should do this regularly. For this reason, one of the things you have to do is to decide how many pages you will read per day. For example, reading 20 pages a day is very convenient for the beginning. In addition, you can carry more books with you when you find a suitable time and place by carrying a book with you.

5. Don’t Read To Read. Switch To A New Book

After reading your comments, a book that you think is for you, unfortunately, when you start reading, it may not come out as you expected and disappoint you. Trying to read books without pleasure, that is, reading to read can also lead to a boring experience. The remedy may be to leave the book you are not happy to read and start a new book. After all, there is no such thing as every book will appeal to you. The important thing is that you can enter the world of the book you are reading!

6. Do Not Beat Your Excuses

“I made a list of the books I wanted to read, but I don’t have the budget to buy those books.” You should know that there are situations such as what you can actually overcome. Following the discounts made by online book stores, shopping at book fairs or buying second-hand books can allow you to exchange books for a much more affordable budget than you think. In addition, you can use libraries or borrow books if you have books you want to read.

7. Most Importantly: Don’t Give Up!

Giving up a habit or gaining a habit may not be as easy as you think, but you should not give up. This is the most important point that will help you gain a habit! We’re not talking about trying a few days here. We are talking about the stage where you will feel a deficiency in your life when you are not reading a book. By choosing the right books, you can experience the pleasure of reading books and gain the habit of reading books.

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