How to Dry Clothes

The laundry never ends, right? If you say laundry is different trouble, drying is different trouble, your life will be easier with the practical information we will provide. You can say “Washing machine is washing the clothes.”It is another problem to dry clothes for people who have not a dryer. However, if you knew the practical ways of drying, wouldn’t your life be easier?

Suggestions for Drying Laundry

The most suitable drying places for laundries waiting to be washed and dried are balconies. Add perfumed softeners to your laundries as much as you wish, nothing can replace the smell of the laundry that dries outdoors. It is always best to dry the laundry in an oxygen-rich outdoor environment.

Clothes that hang in the room to dry, cause the humidity in the house to exceed what it should be, which leads to some respiratory diseases, especially asthma.

Other points to consider are;

Hang the laundry as soon as it is washed. Otherwise, the smell of moisture will get on them after the clothes dry. Also, make sure there is enough space for air circulation between the wires you hang the laundry. If you do not leave enough space, they will take a long time to dry and smell of moisture.

If your balcony is too small to dry clothes, you can try the wall-mounted drying wires.

Always wipe your laundry before hanging it on the outdoor clothesline. Otherwise, there will be dust stains on your clothes.

Never leave the pegs on the wire on the balcony. They can rust due to factors such as moisture or rain and leave permanent stains on your laundry.

How To Dry The Laundry?

When the drying hangers you hang the clothes are metal or wood, wrinkles may occur on your clothes. You can choose plastic drying hangers to prevent the crease left on the laundry. But keep in mind that they can stretch too much from the sun and break.

Before hanging the laundry, make sure to shake it once or twice to remove the creases.

You can hang the laundry in the hangers in wetly and place them where they are suitable for drying. The tops of the room doors are suitable for this situation.

Laying the laundry in a sun-filled room on the windowsill in a way to get the sun rays directly also speeds up the drying of the laundry. But prefer to dry the laundry in the shade, not in direct sunlight. Otherwise, the color of the laundry will fade early.

You should never wring the clothes you wash by hand. You can wait for the water to absorb between 2 towels so that you can hang the clothes after absorbing and prevent it from sagging.

Hang T-shirts and blouses upside down, and skirts and pants from the waist.

Try not to hang clothes on very windy days. You will not like to see that your favorite sheet is not torn or hanged.

If your drying areas are limited, you should not proceed to a second washing process without drying your wet laundry.

If you want to use your washing machine for a long time, you should perform periodic maintenance. You can do this from time to time by running it empty, using limescale removers or cleaning the filter. Accumulation in front of the filter can cause your machine to stop on its own, or even break down. By cleaning the filter with a brush, you perform the most important maintenance step of your machine.

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