How to Clean Keyboard?

The keyboard is the most important help equipment that allows us to write, send an e-mail or do many similar things on the computers we use during the day. The keyboards we touch repeatedly with our fingers can be dirty very easily due to their structure. Keyboards with small spaces between the keys can also become a germ nest as a result of the small pieces that enter between them or the dust that forms. So keeping our keyboards clean will not only enable us to use them longer-term; it also allows us to use a healthier tool. A germ-free keyboard is undoubtedly the most ideal for our health.

How to clean a keyboard?

As it is known, the types of computers are divided into two, desktop and laptop. In this case, the answer to the question of how to clean the keyboard takes shape according to two different keyboards. We have provided information about cleaning the keyboard in our news for you, while also providing details about cleaning the laptop desktop computer keyboard. Here are the keyboard cleaning ways!

What to Lookout for about keyboard cleaning?

The most important point to be considered in keyboard cleaning is to avoid chemicals during cleaning. Acetone, Cologne, etc. substances can damage your keyboard and cause discoloration.

Electronic device cleaning kits sold in electronic markets will help you. The cloth we will use during cleaning is also important, and always avoid the cloth preferences that may damage the keyboard surface. The ideal cloth choice will undoubtedly be microfiber cloths.

How to clean a desktop computer keyboard?

Disconnect your keyboard from the computer. Then place your keyboard on a flat surface with paper underneath. Gently tap or shake your keyboard upside down. Dust on the surface near the keys will be practically spilled.

The use of a vacuum cleaner is also helpful in cleaning the keyboard. Gently hover the vacuum cleaner over your keyboard at the lowest level. So the dust will be drawn.

Although it is superficially cleaned, you can also use a cotton swab for dust between the keys.

The last and comprehensive solution is to clean your keyboard by removing the screws in the corners. It will be the most comprehensive but last resort, considering that you will also remove and clean the keypad one by one during this process. You need to do this process very carefully and expertly. This is because an incorrect error can cause problems with your keyboard.

How to clean a laptop keyboard?

To clean the laptop keyboard, you need to follow similar ways as mentioned above.

In addition, you can spray the surface cleaning water into the microfiber meringue in your hand and clean the keyboard surface without pressing too hard. This method also applies to clean the desktop keyboard.

Use a cotton swab to remove any remaining crumbs, dust, and various contaminants.

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