Here is A Quick Way To Clean Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is one of the most used appliances in our daily life. It provides water to be heated in a short time. So how to clean electric kettle easily?

An electric kettle is one of the most used kitchen appliances in our daily life. It provides heating of water in a short time for both tea and coffee consumption and for use in meals. Perhaps kettle is one of the kitchenware that seems to be the most difficult to clean. So how to clean the electric kettle you use constantly?

You will love this very easy method.

clean electric kettle

How to Clean Electric Kettle with White Vinegar?

Take your kettle to get rid of mineral deposits and stains especially water stains.

Fill the kettle halfway with white vinegar.

A small note: White vinegar is an alternative to many chemicals. White vinegar, which you can obtain from the markets, is produced by fermentation of sugar-containing products. If you wish, you can do the same with apple or grape vinegar, but you may have to repeat the process several times to get the same result.

Add enough water to fill the kettle.

Bring it to a boil.

When the boiling process is completed, pour the mixture inside the kettle into the sink.

And rinse well inside the kettle to completely cleanse the mixture

After that, you have a spick and span electric kettle.

An important note: Having your kettle with concealed resistance will both keep it cleaner and use it more safely. If you are considering buying a new kettle, it would be good to pay attention to this detail.

No white vinegar? You can use lemon Alternative electric kettle cleaning method

Add about 30 ml of lemon juice to the kettle, add 500 ml of water and let it boil. After boiling is completed, let it sit in the mixture for a while. Then pour the entire mixture into the sink and rinse the inside of the kettle a good one.

How To Clean The Electric Kettle Exterior?

If you want to clean the outer surface of your kettle, you can apply two different methods:

Wipe the outer surface of the kettle with dish soap and moistened cloth. Then wipe again with a clean damp cloth.

As a second option, you can easily clean the kettle, which is metal on the outside, using a stainless steel surface cleaner spray. If the outer surface of your kettle is plastic, you can try a product that provides multi-purpose cleaning and can be used on different surfaces.

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