How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Cleaner?

Have you got wooden flooring at your home? That’s just great as the timber look is always classy and oozes a much desired elegant aura which ups the glam quotient of your haven. However, wooden flooring demands good maintenance and you have to be very careful about your floor cleaner here. Let us observe some essential tips to remember while choosing your hardwood floor cleaner.

Gentle cleaning solution

Hardwood demands a gentle touch and not all floor cleaners around would be suitable for it- for example- your regular bathroom tile floor cleaner can be dangerous to the stylish wooden surface. Thus, your bet should be on the pH-neutral waterborne non-toxic cleaners that are specifically made for the hardwood flooring. Before buying the product, read the label to check out that it is especially meant for a wooden surface.

Refillable containers

It’s suggested that you go for the hardwood floor cleaners with refillable containers. It’s not only economical but eco-friendly as well.

No residue

The hardwood floor cleaner you are picking up should not leave any dulling residue on your floor post-clean-up.

Reputed brands only

It is important that you get your hardwood floor cleaner from a reputed brand only. You have to select a handful of 5-6 potential wood cleaner brands and carry a thorough comparative study on them. Read the expert reviews, ratings, and customer testimonials to understand the pros and cons of every cleaner under your consideration. The one you choose should be backed by rave reviews and maximum ratings of the lot.

Automatic mop

Try to get hardwood floor cleaners assuring automatic mop as these promise a faster cleaning than manual mopping.

Instructions & number

The hardwood floor cleaner you are getting should come with legible floor cleaning instructions. It’s good if it carries the manufacturer’s support number so that you can call up the company for any query.

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