9 Household Items You Should Replace Often for a Healthier Home

The spaciousness of a clean house is another. These days when we all pay extra attention to hygiene, remembering that some of the things you need to do to ensure the continuity of this clean atmosphere that you can feel after cleaning should be shown more frequently than others. So, what are the products that need to be cleaned or replaced frequently at home?


Cleaning the toothbrush, which ranks first among personal hygiene products, is very important. The brush you use in oral care will deform as you use it, even if it is in constant contact with water and toothpaste. In other words, even if you pay attention to the cleaning of the toothbrush, you may not be able to use it efficiently to perform oral care completely due to messy brushes or softening. Even if it does not have a scattered form in appearance, you should change the brush at least once every four months because you use it very often for your personal hygiene.

Bathroom Rug

The bathroom rugs, which are mostly wet and moist due to the conditions of use, are used to protect the floor of the bathroom from getting wet. The bathroom rug, which collects all the water by doing its duty, can become moldy when it is in a humid environment, whether it is fabric or plastic-based. Although it is cleaned in the washing machine or with your own cleaning methods, it is important to have a completely clean rug in the bathroom you personally clean. Therefore, you can replace it with a new set of spring cleaning rugs once a year.

Linens set

There is nothing as relaxing as a peaceful night’s sleep in its immaculate bed. The clean smell of the sheets you just washed can also relax you. You can clean your bed linen with a high temperature of minimum twice a month. However, even invisible creatures may not be cleaned from the surface even if they are washed in your washing machine at high temperatures. For this reason, you can renew your linen once a year.

Pillow Cases

You actually shed dead skin and hair over the pillow, where you leaned against your face while sleeping. For this reason, you should pay particular attention to the cleaning of the pillow covers that your face touches. For this, of course, you can wash your pillowcases at a high temperature once a week. However, as you cannot destroy the invisible creatures, you can change by purchasing new teams.

Makeup Brushes

The make-up brushes, which are among the cosmetic products, contact both the makeup products and the face. For this reason, you need to take care of its cleaning. Of course, you can clean the makeup brushes and sponges you clean at least once a week with cleaners. However, after one point, the deformed brush wires hold some dirt on them each time. The color of the brush may change, and may even contain microbes that can cause infection on the face. Therefore, you can buy new brushes between 3-5 months.

Dish sponge

The cleaning of the dish sponge, which directly touches the dishes you eat in your kitchen, is an important point. Although it is constantly in contact with the detergent, it gathers what they clean from greasy and difficult-to-remove stained dishes. You can easily notice the changes over the color and shape. You can change it within two or three weeks, depending on the frequency of dishwashing, to avoid cleaning with a dirty sponge.

Shower Fiber

The shower fiber used in personal care comes into contact with every part of the body during the bath. Although soap comes into contact with cleansers such as shower gel, it collects dead skin on the body. You can buy a new shower fiber every three months, both for this reason and because of its dissolution after opening a point.

Sink Brush

The sink brush located in the bathroom is an important part of home cleaning. The brush itself must be clean as you use it directly for cleaning. For this reason, you can change the sink brush every six months maximum.

Bath Towel / Bathrobe

Even if you use the bath towel and bathrobe that you use for drying after the shower, in your cleaned body, you should pay particular attention to its cleanliness. Even if it does not show itself with the moist environment in the bathroom, you should wash the bathroom towels that can accumulate mold on it frequently. Beyond that, you can get a new towel set

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