Most Common Mistakes When Furnishing a New Home

You have made perhaps one of the most important decisions of your life and you are asked “Will you marry me?” you said yes to the question or asked “Will you marry me?” you answered yes to his question. This important decision moves you towards becoming a family while at the same time allowing you to build your own home. It’s an era so exciting for you. The questions such as what kind of home do you want to live in, what color do you want your living room set, what kind of bedroom set you should buy are waiting for you.

We want to help you through this process. In this article, we want to talk about the most common mistakes made by those who build new homes.

You can find details in this article that you can’t imagine with the excitement of furnishing a new home. We wish everyone a good read already.

Don’t start buying stuff until you’ve identified the rooms in the House.

If you have just getting married, it’s likely that you are inexperienced. Therefore, it will be useful to proceed with the plan and to determine everything in advance. For example, if you have rented an apartment that is 1+1, you will need storage spaces and have planned it in advance

Buy items according to the house you keep, not a house according to the items you buy.

Let’s say you set up your living room. First, imagine what kind of salon you wish for. What colors and how models you like. You can determine whether bed sofa sets or corner sets are more attractive to you. You can then make a choice based on the size of your salon. For example, if your living room is not too large, you may want to choose a corner set.

Let’s just say you rent your house. Now, let’s plan how you should think about the right settlement plan. First set the layout of the rooms. Since the living room, kitchen and bathroom are already certain, consider options such as which room will be the bedroom and which room will be the guest room. The size, location, temperature, and brightness of the rooms will be important when determining room placement. Be sure to consider them.

After determining the sofa set, it will be more useful for you to examine the dining room sets. You can choose a dining set according to the model of the seat set you have chosen. Decide on the color selection of your walls after selecting your items.

To decide the colors of the wall of your home, you must first select your belongings. Dark furniture may not look good on a dark wall color selection, you must create a contrast. Therefore, the color of the items you buy is very important! If you are installing your bedroom, you may want to choose a wall color or wallpaper that matches your bedroom title.

Modern home decoration is now preferred instead of painting the whole wall in the same color combinations of different colors. When you decide the color of your home, you can try different color combinations in harmony with your furniture, and you can decorate your home in a more modern style.

Leave accessory selection to the end

The choice of accessories is quite enjoyable, but it is often mistaken for the choice of accessories. While visiting the store, you liked an object that would look nice in the living room and bought it right away, but when you came home, you realized that it was not compatible with your living room team. It would be much more efficient to focus on objects suitable for your salon team instead of facing such a situation.

You should plan in advance in the same way in the selection of lighting. First, you must determine where the light is needed in your home and then you must check whether the lighting model you choose fits your furniture. The type, model and color of the lighting you will choose will give you a great look when your furniture adapts and is used in a functional way.

Don’t rush to choose carpets and curtains.

Do not be hasty in choosing carpets, curtains, and tulle curtains. Plan how you place your items in the house and then make your choice. Even if the color of the carpet you choose matches your furniture, the size may not match and you may have problems.

In the selection of curtains and tulle, the pattern of the curtain must match both your furniture and your wall colors. For example, if you think about your living room, you can base the seat color on the selection of curtains. In your selection of tulle, both curtain and furniture Harmony will be important. When choosing curtains and tulle, remember to plan wall lengths and widths.

It’s fun to furnish a house for newlyweds. It must be fun for two people who love each other to plan what kind of home they want to live in. This process may be rushed, but you must remember that the more calm you can act, the more comfortable you will shop.

We wish those who will furnish a new house a pleasant moment. We hope this article has been useful to you.

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