4 Ways to Get Rid of Kitchen Sink Smells

We know that you care about the hygiene of your home. We are aware that the importance given to cleanliness increases, even more, when it comes to the kitchen where delicious dishes are cooked. But apart from surface cleaning, cleaning is also essential in areas that you cannot see. Otherwise, you may be faced with an unhealthy environment and bad odors. For example, bad odors from the kitchen sink. So, what to do for the disgusting smell in the kitchen sink, how to get rid of bad smell in your kitchen sink?

Why Does the Kitchen Sink Smell Bad?

No matter how regularly and meticulously you clean the surface of your sink, oil and leftovers that accumulate in the pipes may cause odor from the sink. To prevent this, you should take care not to spill any food and oil residue on the kitchen sink. In addition, by regularly cleaning your sink’s expenses, you can prevent food and oil residues from accumulating and making odors, and even prevent the sink drain from clogging.

Now, let’s start sorting the methods of sink odor removal, which will be an alternative to the sink opener products that you can buy from the markets.

Vinegar, Baking Soda, and Boiling Water

As we mentioned, the cause of bad odors in the sink is usually accumulated food residue. In order to remove these residues from the drain pipes, you can get help from the materials in every house. Vinegar, baking soda, and boiling water are some of them.

Sprinkle half a cup of baking soda into the sink. Then pour a glass of vinegar. After pouring the vinegar, it will interact with bakşing soda. After waiting a few minutes, pour the boiled water into the drain. That’s it.

Another Option: Lemon Juice, Baking Soda and Boiling Water

Other materials you can use to open the blockage in the pipes that are the source of the odor are baking powder, lemon juice, and boiling water.

After sprinkling a packet of baking powder into the sink drain, pour the juice of one lemon you squeezed into the drain. Wait a few minutes for the baking powder and lemon juice to clear the residue from the drain. Then pour boiling water. Of course, in both these and other suggestions, let’s not forget that when pouring boiling water into the sink, you should be extra cautious to avoid damage from steam and hot water.

Boiled Vinegar Water

Lime in water can cause limescale in electrical appliances such as kettle, coffee machine, tea machine. In order to descale these appliances, you can add a glass of vinegar and water to the limescale area and boil.

By pouring this boiled water into the sink drains, you can open the blockage in your sink. In this way, you can clean both small appliances and your sink.

Vinegar, Borax and Boiling Water

Borax is a product that can be used in many areas from carpet cleaning to laundry. Well, thanks to the highly effective borax, you can also get rid of bad odors in the kitchen sink.

All you have to do is pour a quarter cup of borax into the sink drain and then pour half a glass of vinegar into the drain. After a few minutes, you can rinse the sink with boiling water.

If the problem is not resolved, do not neglect to get help from a master

If you have followed our suggestions and still have not found a solution to the problem, or if there is a smell like a sewer in the kitchen sink, the problem may be bigger than you think. In this case, it may be necessary to consult a master and, if necessary, make repairs in the installation.

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