How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies?

The easiest way to get rid of fruit flies, indispensable in kitchens, is in your kitchen.

Our easiest piece of advice to get rid of troubling little flies is to prepare a trap. Pour apple cider vinegar two centimeters deep into a small jar. Cover the jar with a funnel. Tape the funnel well so that the flies do not have a chance to go out. When the flies get into the jar, they won’t find a place to exit. Change the vinegar every day or every other day.

Drosophila Melanogaster, the most common type of fruit fly buzzing in kitchens, comes to rotting fruit and lays its eggs there. Later, the larvae hatch and feed on soft tissue. In order to find this rotten fruit, flies use their sense of smell, which we call the olfactory system, and this is the molecule that gives vinegar its bitter taste. You can also trick flies with rotten fruit, but the vinegar directly attracts the attention of the flies and drags them inside.

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