5 Tips for Functional and Stylish Entryway Decorating

Living room, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, balcony or even study room if available… You adopt a decoration style that suits your taste throughout your home and you shape your living area accordingly, but the entryways to the entrance of the house are not included in this beautification movement. However, by making a stylish doorway decoration, you can feel good for the first time you enter your home or you can make a good first impression for your guests. So now, “How should the doorway decoration be?” Let’s answer the question and contribute to the stylishness of all areas of your home.

1. Wall Decoration for a Stylish Doorway

Wall decoration is also important in other rooms of the house and is strong enough to change the air of the area. You should take steps in this direction while designing the entryways that we can see as the transition area to the main areas of the house.

Suggestions for those who want to apply wallpaper in the doorway

Floral patterned wallpapers offering nature inspirations are among the trends of the year! By adding these wallpapers on your walls, you will add a pleasant atmosphere to space.

If your board is too big, applying wallpaper with an interesting pattern or color to all walls can prevent you from achieving the desired effect in the space. For this reason, applying the paper to a wall or covering the lower half of the wall and painting the upper half can make you a more pleasant vestibule decor.

Suggestions for Those Who Want to Apply Wall Paint in the Entryway

As in every room of the house, the type of paint you will prefer in the entryway must be suitable for your needs and needs. For example, if there are defects on your walls in the entryway, bright paints will not be suitable; you should prefer matte paints.

In the wall paint color you choose, the size of the coach and of course the preferred color palette in the area is effective. For example, a wall in yellow tones can make the area more lively and interesting in a doorway where gray tones are predominant. However, painting the walls with colors such as yellow can cause a distracting appearance in the area. For this reason, you can make your walls more colorful with an effect roll, stamp or sponge. It is quite easy to bring these wall decoration ideas to life!

Wall Decoration Suggestions for Narrow and Small Entryway

The first thing you should not forget to make a narrow and small vestibule decoration; Dark colors have a narrower area and light colors have a wider and more spacious effect! For this reason, if you are decorating small and narrow entree, you should be careful that the main color you will use on the walls is light tones.

Suggestions to make the wall decoration more active with objects

The mirror is a must for an entree! The mirrors not only provide a stylish look to the area but also help you make your antenna wider. In addition to decorative mirrors that you can mount on the wall in the area, you can prefer the tall mirror or coat models with a large mirror.

Frames, paintings, and wallboards are among the decoration products that can be used to create a warm space. You can hang the frames decorated with photos of your family and loved ones on your walls, you can place stylish paintings or wall panels on your train.

2. Things to Consider for the Ground

Parquet, ceramics, carpets, and rugs. These products that you use to make the floor decoration stylish are also needed in corridor and doorway decoration. In your train, you can choose the parquet or ceramics you prefer throughout your home as well as different options. You can choose a rug or carpet in line with the colors and patterns used on the main floor in accordance with the home decoration. But in this case, let’s share a point you need to pay attention to.

Ways of using entrances may differ from home to home. For example, one family may not enter the door with shoes, while another family may choose to wear their shoes in the door. If you want to wear your shoes in the doorway, you can choose rugs that can be easily washed and cleaned in washing machines.

3. Entryway Furniture for a Convenient Area

This is the first place you see when you enter the house, the last place you see when you leave the house. This makes the doorway more important. Entryway decoration and furniture must be functional. For example, coat hanger is a must-have furniture in the entrance. If you do not want to take a coat hanger, you can take the shoe rack and the hanger separately and create a suit. In addition, if there is enough space in your area, you can put a wing chair or a sofa in the doorway. Also, entryway table models, which have become very popular in recent years, are a choice that will add elegance to the area.

4. Doorway Lighting

Especially in the flats, the entrances are located in low-light spots away from the windows. This naturally means that you should be more attentive about lighting in the entrance decoration. In addition to ceiling lighting, you can also give luminaires a chance in the selection of lighting products to be used in the entryway.

For example, you can place a sconce on either side of your decorative mirror or a wall that you hang on the wall. You can also place lampshades on the entryway table or stalactites in the sideboard areas.

5. Decorative Objects

Narrow and long doorway decoration, living room decoration, bedroom decoration… It makes no difference where you want to beautify. Decorative objects can be positioned anywhere in your living space. In addition to products such as mirrors, frames, paintings or wall panels on your walls, you can make the area more warm and stylish thanks to trinkets, candle holders and even plants. The point you should pay attention to is that the products you choose are compatible with each other and other products in the field.

It is a fact that decorative objects complement and make every place they include more stylish! But besides these objects, it is a good idea to get help from plants while designing your entree! You can place the flower pots that are stylish and suitable for your preferred color palette on the shelves, on the floor you place on the floor or on the wall-mounted on the wall, and you can realize one of the doorway decoration ideas and decoration trends.

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