10 Awesome Entryway Decorating Ideas

Entryways are one of the least considered parts during home decoration. However, the first place people see when they enter a house, sometimes even the only place they see is the entryways and entrance halls. Would you like to make a great welcome for yourself and your guests at the entrance of your house? You can make a modern, stylish, and functional entryway decoration with the following entryway decoration ideas. Here are inspiring entree models and decoration ideas.

How to Decorate Entryway?

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Evaluate Different Storage Options

Start by setting your usage priorities for the vestibule area. If you already have fitted wardrobes, you’re in luck. Unfortunately, most houses do not have enough space to put cloakroom or coat hangers. Nevertheless, it is best to utilize the owned area to the maximum. You should have space to store shoes, bags, coats, umbrellas, and other things you need to take with you when you go out. For this, you should evaluate storage alternatives well.

For example, you can have a functional cupboard system in the sizes suitable for the vestibule area as above. Or you can place several ready-made cabinets, dressers, and shelves in the entrance area in the most convenient way. A stylish console, wall shelves, and hangers will be sufficient for a small and narrow entryway. You can use wicker baskets or boxes to store shoes and bags. The important thing is to design a regular and organized entryway. Do not forget to make room for scent sticks, candles, and a few decorative accessories while doing this.

Personalize Your Entryway of Home

What would you like to meet you when you first enter the house? A welcome message on the wall, your family photos, fragrant flowers, or a cozy sitting corner? Get out of the molds and decorate the entrance hall of your home with details that reflect you. Okay, it’s important to be functional, but a warm welcome for yourself and your guests will not be bad either. For example, if you are a travel enthusiast, you can use this corner to showcase your travel memories. Thus, your guests will have an idea about you as soon as they enter the door.

Add a Seating Area

Each entrance hall is not big enough to reserve a seating area, but if you have the possibility, you should definitely add a seating element. Thus, you and your guests do not have to get into shape while wearing and removing shoes! You will also have a stylish and inviting entrance hall. Since it takes up little space in the entree designs, benches are generally used. If you have space, you can also use a stylish love seat or a vintage seat. If you don’t have a place, even a tiny pouf or stool will be enough.

Add Paintings to the Walls

Every big or small entryway deserves a stunning wall decoration. You can design a stunning welcome wall with paintings, photos, and mirrors. You can hang a large painting or make a gallery wall with small paintings. Or you can make a collage of mirrors, paintings, hangers, and wall accessories.

Do not be afraid to use dark colors and an assertive design for the entrance wall decoration. The entrance to your home is an excellent area to try something different. If you want, you can paint the entire wall in a dark and assertive color, even in red. It won’t be overwhelming because you won’t spend a lot of time here. Free the artist within you in this field where you can work freely.

Complete with a Stylish Carpet

Use the carpet or rug to define the entryway. If you live in an open-plan house and don’t have an entrance hall bordered by walls, you need to emphasize the entrance to the house. You can use a double-sided bookcase or a small table for this. Or you can define the entrance area with a carpet or rug of suitable shape and size. For example, carpets that are resistant to heavy traffic and suitable for outdoor use or aged carpets may be useful for such areas.

Mix Different Lighting Types

Special lighting is required for the entrance decoration. You can use a stylish chandelier or pendant for this. If there is no existing ceiling lighting; floor lamp, table lamp, or appliques will also work. In fact, what kind of lighting is used depends on the decoration style and design. For example, if you have a console, you can use a decorative lampshade as above. If you have a wall mirror, you can add a sconce on either side. Moreover, you can use different lighting elements together. Do not say what is the need for such lighting in a small area. Lighting elements are an important part of decoration and greatly affect the design.

Revive with Colorful Flowers and Lush Plants

How would you like to revive your entryway design with lush plants or colorful flowers? Wouldn’t it be nice to meet a vase of colorful and fragrant flowers when you enter the house? This includes entryways. If you have a dark hallway, you can choose plants that don’t need a lot of light or use artificial plants. You can hang vines on the walls and create a charismatic entrance hall with succulents and terrariums.

Not Without the Mirror

When we say entree decoration, the first thing that comes to our mind is the mirrors. Whether it is to show the space spacious or to look at ourselves for the last time without leaving home, mirrors are an indispensable detail for entryway decoration. Well, do you know where to place the mirror? You can make the entrance hall brighter and more spacious by hanging the mirror on a wall that receives the light (facing the window). According to Fenk Shui, putting the mirror in front of the entrance door stops the flow of energy entering the house. Therefore, it is recommended to be placed next to the door.

The shape of the mirror is as important as its position. You can use a huge wall-mounted mirror, cover a wall with a complete mirror, or hang a decorative mirror with an iconic frame on the wall. As long as it suits your decoration style.

You can Make Your Furniture Yourself

You never need to buy furniture for the entrances. Since the entrance hall of each house has different sizes and shapes, it is difficult to find suitable furniture for the entree. It is best to match different pieces of furniture or even make your own furniture. For example, you can reuse it by painting an old dresser or dresser in your home. You can use wall hangers or pedestal hangers for coats; You can store your shoes and bags in boxes, baskets, and wooden crates. In short, you can do it yourself, to suit your space and reflect your style, what a cloakroom or coat hanger will provide you.

Add Style with Wallpaper

Using wallpaper is the most practical and effective way to design a stunning entree. Surprise your guests with a catchy and impressive wallpaper that they don’t expect to see at the entrance. Entryways are areas where you can take risks and be completely free. An ambitious or complicated design does not bother you as you will not spend time here. Moreover, you ensure that people enter through the door with a smile. For example, you can cover your wall with large-scale flowers like above, a black and white family photo, or a three-dimensional landscape.

Stylish and Modern Entryway Models

Need more inspiration for entryway decoration? Here are stylish and modern entryway models and creative entryway decoration examples.

We hope that the entree models and entree decoration ideas we shared have inspired you.

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