How To Clean Wooden Combs in 5 Steps?

More and more people are reducing their use of plastic and preferring to buy natural products such as wooden combs. We usually spend a little more on these beautiful, natural products and want them to last us a lifetime. However, there is an additional difficulty in cleaning without damaging our wooden combs. In this article, I will show you how to clean wooden combs without using water.

Wooden hair combs are usually made from Neem wood, Cherry wood, or Boxwood. A quality wooden comb, on the other hand, is usually handmade and polished, making it one of the best tools for healthy hair care.

In daily use, it can become extremely dirty in a short time with the remnants of hair care products. In order to keep the wooden combs in their first-day condition, they should be cleaned regularly.

Cleaning a plastic comb is very easy. You can clean the plastic comb by soaking it in soapy water for half an hour and then rubbing all the dirt with a brush. However, it should not be used for cleaning wooden combs, as water can easily dissolve and break the wood coating. If you want to use it for a long time, keep your wooden comb away from water.

How to Clean Wooden Hair Combs Without Using Water?

We realized we couldn’t use water, so how do you clean a wooden comb? Let’s take a look at the other steps.

1. Avoid water

The first step in cleaning a wooden comb is to wet a cotton ball with coconut oil, olive oil, or beard oil.

2. Loosen the residue

Gently rub the comb with oiled cotton in circular motions to loosen and remove all stubborn residue.

3. Clean between each tooth of the comb

Use a fine cloth to get between each tooth of your wood comb. For any stubborn stains, you can scrub with a toothbrush or small detail brush and some oil.

4. Remove the residue

Wipe the comb with a soft cloth to remove any residue and then dry thoroughly.

5. Protect your wooden comb

To make sure your comb has a protective barrier, apply a thin coat of olive oil, coconut oil, or beard oil to your comb. Be careful not to use too much. If you want, you can leave the comb to absorb the oil overnight, and the next morning you can wipe the comb with a soft dry cloth.

Now you have learned to clean a comb made of wood.

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