How to Clean White Shoes?

How to clean white shoes? Effective methods you can apply at home to make your shoes look white as if they were new.

All of us need to know how to clean white shoes because the white shoes we wear every season get dirty very quickly. After all, nobody wants to complement their outfit with discolored white shoes. Since white is a color that gets dirty easily, you can easily notice the stains and blackness on it even when you wear your white shoes a few times. For your favorite shoes to maintain their glamorous state, white shoe cleaning procedures must be done correctly.

How to clean the indispensable white shoes in your shoe cabinet? What are the most reliable steps you can take for shoe whitening methods? With our white shoe cleaning guide, where you can find answers to all the questions you are looking for, your favorite shoes will accompany you both for a long time and with the whiteness of the first day.

How to Clean White Shoes?

The cleaning product and cleaning method used in cleaning white shoes are very important. Some mistakes, such as washing your shoes in the washing machine, may require you to say goodbye to your favorite shoes. Here are white shoe-friendly cleaning and shoe whitening methods:

Dishwashing Liquid

How to clean white shoes with detergent? Required materials and method of application:


Dish soap
1 glass of warm water
1 toothbrush
1 sponge or magic sponge
1 clean towel


First, mix the dishwashing detergent with warm water.

You can separate some of this mixture and put the shoelaces you removed in it and hold them or wash the laces in the washing machine.

If there is mud or dust on the shoes, be sure to clean them first.

If there are stains on the white shoes by dipping the toothbrush in detergent water, brush these areas.

Then, wet the sponge or magic sponge with detergent and rub the dirty parts of the shoes, which are plastic or rubber. You can buy the magic sponge online, but a normal sponge will also be enough for you.

If the white shoe has a fabric part, remove the moisture from the shoe by avoiding rubbing the cloth on this area.

Avoid cleaning your artificial leather shoes with dish soap.


How to clean white shoes with toothpaste? Required materials and method of application:


Some white toothpaste
1 toothbrush
1 clean cloth


For shoe cleaning with toothpaste, if possible, choose a white-colored paste.

We do not want the colored granules in the paste to stain your shoes.

The method you will apply when cleaning with toothpaste is very similar to cleaning white shoes with baking soda. Apply toothpaste, just like baking soda, to all parts of the shoes with a brush and in circular motions.

If there are stains on the shoes, brush those areas more.

Make sure the shoe fabric absorbs the toothpaste well.

Leave the paste on the shoes for 20 minutes.

Finally, wipe the shoes with a clean cloth.

You can use the toothpaste cleaning method on all types of white shoes.

Nail polish remover

How to clean white shoes with acetone? Required materials and method of application:


Some acetone
Some cotton


In time, stains and yellowing occur on the soles and sides of white shoes.

Acetone is a very strong substance and will be an effective solution for stains, especially on the plastic white soles of shoes. It is also very effective for the yellowing of white shoes.

Pour some acetone on the cotton and rub the stained or yellowed parts thoroughly.

Be sure to use the acetone cleaning method only on white shoe soles. Acetone is likely to damage fabric and leather surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning White Shoes

How to wash white shoes?

You may have heard that white shoes are thrown into the washing machine to make them white. However, the high temperature and high speed of rotation in the washing machine can damage your shoes or distort them so that you do not want to wear them again. In addition, the washing machine can cause tears, stitches, and ruptures by wearing out the joints of cloth shoes and sports shoes. For this reason, to use your white shoes for a longer time, choose the shoe bleaching methods described above and avoid throwing your shoes into the washing machine.
If you still want to use the washing machine at your own risk:
Wash your white shoes by throwing them in a net, with a few unused towels if possible.
Choose to wash in cold or lukewarm water and a short wash program.
Do not forget to remove the shoelaces and insoles.
You can machine wash shoelaces for the hygiene of your white shoes with peace of mind.

How to remove yellowing white shoes?

Sun and dirt cause the soles of white shoes to turn yellow over time. You can whiten the yellowing white shoe soles with a few simple methods.
You can brush the soles of your shoes with a toothbrush and a piece of Cif cleansing cream and then clean them with a damp cloth.
Rubbing with acetone is effective in removing yellowing in shoe soles.
If you wish, a toothbrush and some white toothpaste will also help you deal with the yellowing problem of white shoe soles.
To prevent the yellowing problem, you can wipe your shoes with a wet cloth after each wear.

How to clean the white woles of the shoes?

The white sole of the shoe is the first place to get dirty and also the yellowing problem is observed over time. All of the above-mentioned white shoe cleaning methods are suitable for shoe soles. You may prefer to use a toothbrush to remove stains as the sole is hard due to its structure; this will not damage the base. If you choose the way to remove stains on white shoes with a strong substance such as acetone, you can apply this method with the help of cotton.

How to remove oil Stain from shoes?

If an oily meal or oil splashes onto your white shoes, this stain will immediately catch the eye. An oil stain is a difficult stain that needs to be treated quickly. The two most effective products for oil stains are talcum powder and salt. Cover the oil stain on your white shoes with powder or salt and wait for the shoe to absorb the oil. After a while, remove the powder/salt from the shoe with a brush, if possible. Then wipe the stained area with a damp cloth. The sooner you intervene, the more successfully you can remove the stain.

How to clean inside of shoes?

Not only the outside but also the inside of the shoes get dirty over time and even unwanted odors may occur. For this:
If the sole of the shoe can come off, remove it. Gently wash and rinse with soap.
After making sure that it dries well, place it on your shoes. You can now start using your white shoes.
Ventilating your shoes and not wearing the same shoes all the time will prevent the formation of odor in the shoes.

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