Cleaning White Internal Doors in 7 Steps

Let’s look at the details of our post where you can find out what to look for when cleaning white doors, which require a more detailed cleaning than other doors and which are more sensitive to their materials, how to clean white doors.

How to clean white doors?

Do not use cleaning products

You might be surprised at our suggestion, but you will find that it is correct. Unfortunately, you need to say goodbye to white doors when you clean your white door, such as bleach, salt spirit, soft soap, which you always use for deep cleaning. Because these types of products, while cleaning the white doors, at the same time cause excessive wear and wear out quickly.

Firstly Dust the Door

Whether it is daily cleaning or a detailed cleaning, be sure to first remove the dust to be able to easily clean your white doors and prevent scratches on them. In this way, you have cleaned your white doors without damaging them.

Use Soft Sponge and Special Cloths

If you want to clean your white doors perfectly without scratching them, you can choose a soft sponge, damp cloth, or special clothes designed just for door cleaning. Also, dry and soft dust cloth can help you.

Get Help from Sogan and Potato

Here are suggestions away from chemicals to prevent your white doors from being damaged during cleaning. You can use potatoes and onions to clean your yellowed or stained white doors just like the first day.

You can rub the stains on the white door with the raw potato that you have cut in half and remove the stains, you can clean the yellow stains that occur by wiping your white doors with the cloth that you dip the onions into the water you boiled.

Get wood cleaner

If your white door is also made of wood material, wood cleaners can help you. Instead of using products such as bleach, you can safely clean your white doors with a good wood cleaner.

Use Pure Water

Instead of collecting and cleaning the white doors, you want to clean, choose to do it regularly. Also, do not forget to use pure water and suitable cloth instead of using strong chemicals for cleaning. In this way, ensure the easy cleaning of white doors.

Dry it

Regardless of the main material of your white door, make sure to dry the door after cleaning. Thus, you can prevent the door from being cleaned better and swelling and staining due to moisture.

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