How to Clean Suede Shoes?

Suede shoes, which are preferred in all seasons, have a very elegant and elegant appearance. However, it is very difficult to clean suede shoes. Both women and men prefer suede shoes with different models. The only problem for those who prefer suede shoes is that their shoes get dirty quickly. Most people throw suede shoes into the washing machine because they seem difficult to clean, but this can cause your shoes to deform. Since suede is very sensitive material, it is best to treat dirt and scratches on the suede surface without using water. Follow our suggestions for cleaning your suede shoes without damaging them.

Suede shoes, which are the fashion of every period, are used frequently in daily life. The only problem for those who prefer suede shoes is how to clean their shoes. Because suede shoes are made of difficult fabrics, they do not accept dyes. Detergent or wet cloth will spoil the quality of your suede shoes. You can make your dirty suede shoes look new again in a short time. For this, we will talk about very easy and effective suede shoe cleaning methods and tips.

Suede Shoe Cleaning: How To Remove Suede Shoe Stain?

A damp cloth should be used when cleaning suede shoes. It is recommended that your cloth be microfiber. Because microfiber cloths can clean without damaging the suede. You can benefit from these materials in suede shoe cleaning:

  • Suede Shoe Sander
  • Suede Shoe Brush
  • Suede Shoe Sponge
  • Suede Shoe Eraser
  • Suede Shoe Spray

Light-colored suede shoes are the most important shoes for cleaning and care. Those who will care for suede shoes should behave carefully and very precisely. Suede shoes are very sensitive to water. When cleaning your suede shoes, you should make sure that they are dry.

Thanks to its special structure, the suede shoe cleaning sponge removes dirt and dust with the static effect it creates on the surfaces. It revitalizes the feathers on your suede shoes. Suede shoe cleaning sponge is an ideal product for suede shoe care. It is recommended to use cleaning foam to clean the shoe surface better.

Suede shoe eraser is used for scuff marks that do not come out after the brushing process. You should be careful not to push too much while wiping the stains.

After the cleaning process of your suede shoes is finished, you can prevent deformation by filling the inside of your shoes with paper. After cleaning your suede shoes with a damp cloth or sponge, let them dry. After making sure that it is dry, spray the suede shoe cleaning spray evenly on your shoes at a distance of 15 cm and let it dry again. Now you will notice that your shoes have a more beautiful appearance.

Suede Shoes Cleaning Steps

If you are going to do the suede shoe stain removal process yourself at home, get a brush produced specifically for the texture of your shoes. The care recommendations of your shoes will tell you which product is the most suitable for your shoes.

Gently brush the dirt off your shoes with the suede shoe stain cleaning brush. Be careful to move the brush gently in the same direction all the time.

If you are wondering how to remove suede shoe scratches, the answer is simple. The reason for scratches and marks on your shoes is the crushing of the suede texture. To get rid of these marks, brush the scratch area thoroughly with a suede brush in forwarding and backward movements.

If you say how to wipe suede shoes, you can remove stubborn stains that you cannot remove with a brush with erasers specially produced for suede. If you haven’t found a suede eraser, any pencil eraser will work.

Things to consider when cleaning suede shoes

  • Do not brush your shoes when wet.
  • Brush in one direction.
  • Do not use too much pressure when wiping.
  • Do not dry in the sunlight.
  • Prevent deformation by filling the inside of your shoes with paper.

Frequently Asked Questions About Suede Shoe Cleaning

Can suede shoes be washed in a washing machine?

Suede shoes should never be washed in the washing machine. If you wash your suede shoes in the machine, the fabric of the shoes gets deeper and thicker.

Are Suede Boots Cleaned When Wet?

Before you start cleaning, you should wait for the wetness and mud on your suede boot to dry thoroughly. Because brushing your boots while wet can damage the suede.

How to clean suede boots?

Suede boots can be easily cleaned with a suede shoe brush, suede shoe sponge, and suede shoe spray. In order not to damage the fabric of your suede shoes, all you have to do is to act carefully and very precisely. Suede shoes are very sensitive to water. When cleaning your suede boots, you should make sure that it is dry.

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