How to Clean Leather Jacket?

When searching for answers to the questions of how to clean a leather jacket or how to wash a leather jacket, the phrase “not washed” you see in the instructions for use can make the issue of leather jacket cleaning confusing. Yes, maybe it is not possible to machine and wash leather jackets, but in this case, how will the stains on the leather jacket be removed? How can we clean them at home other than sending them to dry clean? You will find the most practical information on this subject in the rest of our article.

Before Starting Leather Jacket Cleaning

Before you start cleaning the leather jacket, check the instructions for use inside the jacket, indicating exactly which type of leather it is made of. The instructions will usually recommend taking your jacket to a professional cleaner. Can you dry clean a leather jacket?
Although the question brings to mind dry cleaning as it is a more comfortable and safe option, it is not always a convenient and inexpensive method.

When it comes to leather jacket care, many instructions for use do not give a standard recommendation on where to try the material you use for leather cleaning before using it on the entire jacket. Before you start cleaning the leather jacket, you can try the product or mixture you will use on the sleeve of the jacket by turning it upside down. If you notice any color changes, you should not use the product. Therefore, it is a good idea to test before applying any liquid mixture for leather jacket care.

There is another way to see that the liquid you use can damage your jacket. Before using the liquid, sprinkle a few drops of water on the sleeves of the jacket. If it has not absorbed the water even after a few minutes, this indicates that the jacket is protected; therefore you will be more comfortable. However, if the opposite happens and the jacket absorbs the water immediately, you should be more careful.

How to Clean a Leather Jacket?

There are some easy ways to keep your jacket looking like new and keep it looking new for a long time. So, how to clean a leather jacket? Here are a few methods.

Soapy warm water

It is a highly preferred and common method for leather jacket care. Apply the mixture you have prepared with a pH-balanced, odorless liquid soap or baby shampoo on the outside of the leather jacket with the help of a damp cloth or sponge. Then wipe it with a soft cloth. Do this only when the jacket is really dirty on the outside.

Leather cleaning wipes

Of course, it is one of the first methods that come to mind when cleaning a leather jacket. The best thing about these wipes is that they are very practical. However, can the handkerchiefs clean, maintain and protect the life of your jacket? This is discussed. In addition, many of these wipes are not environmentally friendly and affordable. Instead of choosing products that appear as all in one, you can produce a longer-term solution by choosing old-fashioned methods.

Olive oil

Another method used to remove stains on leather jackets and also for leather care. With the help of a soft cloth, just rub the olive oil on the stains and rub it. We recommend that you use this method only for stains and marks, not to clean the entire leather jacket.

White vinegar

Is there any place we don’t take advantage of it? If you wish, mix the white vinegar with some olive oil and apply it to the dirty spots on the surface of the jacket with the help of a soft, clean cloth. We recommend that you use white vinegar only on stained areas.

All of the above should be used on certain types of skin that are known to be protected. However, results may vary, and the risk of damage to a leather jacket is always higher than for other garments. In addition, the methods mentioned above should never be used in suede or nubuck leathers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Leather Jackets

How to wash a leather jacket by hand or in a washing machine?

Unlike other types of clothing, washing your leather jacket in the washing machine is not recommended, as this may cause the leather to shrink and lose its quality.

Can I hand wash leather jackets? Leather jackets that are put directly under the water will immediately wear out, the fabric and the surface are deformed, and both the interior and exterior are visibly affected. It is also seen that leather jackets lose their former function after contact with water. Leather jackets with increased wind permeability thus create problems not only in appearance but also in function.

Can I iron leather jacket?

Ironing the leather jacket is not recommended as it may cause wear. However, if you want to iron it absolutely, you should pay attention to the ironing temperature to a maximum of 80 degrees and use cotton, heat-resistant lining.

Can perfume be sprayed on a leather jacket? How should I clean the perfume stains on leather?

Since leather jackets are not porous like other fabrics, we may encounter stains caused by perfume on them. Especially if you spray perfume every time you wear a leather jacket and if you prefer to spray the perfume closely, stains are likely to occur on your jacket over time. In this case, you should apply the leather jacket stain removal methods we mentioned above and then move on to the routine leather care phase.

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