How to Clean Kitchen Wall Tiles?

Do not worry about how to clean kitchen tiles. We share with you many ways to give your tiles a brand new look. Before cleaning the kitchen, be sure to read this article.

For many people, the kitchen is often the heart of the home. From cooking to preparing for guests or just sitting at the table, we spend most of our time in the kitchen. Kitchen cleaning is perhaps the most important part of house cleaning, as it is a place directly related to food consumption. After cooking in the kitchen, we complete some daily cleaning activities. However, over time, dirt and oil deposits can form on the kitchen walls and tiles without you noticing. Do you know how to clean kitchen tiles? In this article, we will talk about all the tricks of kitchen tile cleaning. Continue reading our article to learn the answers to questions such as how to clean kitchen tiles, how to clean between kitchen tiles, how kitchen tiles shine, and what to do to polish tiles.

You will need these materials when cleaning kitchen tiles:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Bleach-added foam cleaner
  • Warm water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Liquid soap

You should clean the tiles regularly in order not to have difficulty while cleaning a deep tile.

Regular Kitchen Wall Tile Cleaning

Of course, you want every corner of the kitchen to be clean at all times, but you may not always have enough time for this. In this case, you can clean kitchen tiles, albeit with daily, practical methods. Follow the methods below for regular, practical tile cleaning in your kitchen:

Wipe the Tiles Regularly

Wipe the tiles regularly to prevent the buildup of oil, dirt, and germs. So how to wipe kitchen tiles? You can easily wipe the dust and dirt off the tiles using warm water, a microfiber cloth, and dish soap.

Clean Stains as Quickly as Possible.

You should clean oil stains as soon as possible to prevent oil stains from becoming permanent, hard-to-remove stains. You can use water, a clean microfiber cloth, and Easy Off Specialty Kitchen Degreaser Cleaner to remove dirt, oil, and stains from tiles. If you leave the tiles greasy and dirty, this will cause the stains to stick to the surface and be much more difficult to remove. This also causes the tiles to become discolored.

Use microfiber cloths instead of cotton cloth or sponge. Microfiber cloths provide more effective and easy cleaning and do not damage the surface of the tile.

Dry the Tiles After Cleaning

After cleaning the tiles, dry the tiles with a dry microfiber cloth. You can also use a soft towel to dry. Drying will prevent water spots that may occur on the tiles.

How to Clean Kitchen Wall Tiles: Deep Cleaning and Maintenance

We talked about how to do a routine kitchen tile cleaning. However, it’s important to thoroughly clean your tiles monthly and disinfect them with the right products. In this way, both your tiles look clean and you get maximum hygiene in your kitchen. We explain below how to clean kitchen wall tiles and how to clean kitchen tile.

Determine What Type of Tile You Have

The first thing you should do before you start cleaning your tiles is to think about what type of tiles you have as this can affect the way you clean them. Tiles such as plain, ceramic, or porcelain are usually very durable. Therefore, there is no harm in rubbing or using a harder cleaning cloth.

If your tiles have a different texture, print, or pattern, using materials such as a brush, a hard sponge or steel sponge to scrub may ruin your tiles. So use a soft, microfiber cloth instead.

Brush and Wipe

Scrub the tiles and wipe with a soapy cloth to remove surface residue and adhesive marks. As we mentioned above, decide what you will use according to the surface of the tile. Use warm water, a clean cloth, and a good quality tile cleaner to brush away dirt, oil, and stains from the tile.

Clean the Grouts

Kitchen tile cleaning is important because, with dirty grout, even the brightest tiles won’t look clean. If the grout has turned an orangeish color or looks dirty, use a product containing bleach. Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner Spray with Bleach offers a practical application by using the effective power of bleach. Apply the product to coincide with the grouts, wait a few minutes, and then brush. You will notice high cleaning performance without much scrubbing.

Deep Clean and Disinfect Tiles

After superficially removing dirt, oil, and dust, use a good surface cleaner. Apply surface cleaner with a damp sponge, cloth, or brush, rub gently and rinse. Then buff with a soft cloth to make it shine. For stubborn stains, you can leave them on for a few more minutes before rinsing.

Now you know how to clean kitchen tiles.

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